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Cult of Calvinism

Calvinism is perhaps one of the most abhorrent belief system cults within the realm of Christendom. Of course Calvinists think that anyone who rejects their belief system is either not aware of everything they know and are completely ignorant of Biblical truths as they interpret them, or because such a person is not born again and of course an unregenerate soul cannot possibly discern the spiritual truth of Calvinism. And of course the Calvinist insists that any belief system contrary to his own is a false gospel. It does not often occur to the Calvinist that every cult comes from a similar mindset.

Calvinists have the distinctive belief that before the creation of the universe, God decided who was going to be a Christian. In the Calvinist mind, these are the people who are called "the elect" or "the chosen" in the Scriptures. John Calvin taught that you cannot know for certain the identity of the elect but all Calvinists know that a good way to identify the elect is if someone is a Calvinist who bore good fruit and died a faithful Calvinist. Of course, there are others who are elect who are not Calvinists, but they are just not be as enlightened as the Calvinists, at least not until a Calvinist teaches such people about Calvinism. And of course if anyone who claims to be a born again Christian rejects Calvinism after a careful study of its undeniable truths, one can conclude that it is highly likely they are not one of the elect.

The Calvinist doctrine of Total Depravity is a very strange doctrine. Of course, in their own minds it is a Biblical doctrine and any other gospel but their own Calvinistic gospel is a false gospel. It does not often occur to them that this is also what their opposers also say. Very often Calvinists spend a lot of energy trying to support this doctrine by demonstrating that man is a fallen sinner. Calvinists often seize upon this because many people think this is all that this doctrine is about. However, this is certainly not the case and the belief that humanity has fallen into sin and has no way out but a Savior is not unique to this Calvinist doctrine and this is not the issue. Everyone agrees humanity has fallen into sin and needs a Savior to get out of his condition. The specific issue behind the Calvinist doctrine of Total Depravity is about the implications of humanity's fall into sin and fallen man's abilities. Calvinists teach that a man cannot possibly believe the gospel message unto salvation unless he is first born again because he is unable to do so due to his sin condition which they often refer as his "sin nature," an unbiblical term presumed by their own Calvinist philosophy. In other words, a man does not believe to become born again; a man must first be born again before he is able to believe. In Calvinism, a person does not choose to become a Christian; God makes that choice unilaterally because no man is able to do so because only born again individuals would theoretically be able to make such a choice. In Calvinism, a man does not believe to become a Christian; a man must become a Christian before he is able to believe. Calvinists often refer to this condition as "Total Inability" meaning he is unable to choose to become a Christian. It means that man cannot even decide to choose to become a Christian so God must "monergistically" make those people, whom he chose before creation, to be Christians and nobody but God has a choice in the matter. In fact, the Calvinist thinks that if anyone had a choice in the matter then God would not be Sovereign. A man might "think" he chose to become a Christian but it was God who caused him to think as he did and so it is really a case of God getting someone to do what He wants which Calvinists perceive as God's "perfect will." So in the Calvinist's mind, no one can choose to become a Christian and if any fallen man has not already been chosen by God before creation to become a Christian, he will never become a Christian either and his damnation has been unchangeably certain since before he was ever born and even before creation of the world. So it is only the "elect" who will ever be born again and indeed they are totally depraved too before they are born again. Lucky for them God chose to become Christians or they would have no hope either. In the end, it is not Jesus' death which opened the way to anyone's salvation; it is whether that person was chosen by God to be born again and overcome his Totally Depraved condition.

Elect A good way to know that you are elect is if you are a Calvinist. Calvinists know that Calvinists are those who are born again and able to see the spiritual truth of Calvinism.