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The Gospel Truth Sorting out The Truth vs. The Deception

Luke 23:43

"Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise"

The False Claim

Luke 23:43 is interpreted to mean that the thief on the cross will be, on that very day, a disembodied soul or spirit in Paradise which is variously defined as(1) Heaven, or (2) "Abraham's bosom" ("the good side of Hades/Sheol.").

Demonstration of the Error

1. Paradise

2. WHERE did Jesus go when he died?3. WHEN did Jesus "come into his Kingdom?

Paradise is something people begin to enjoy in the New Heavens and Earth after Jesus returns

2. Theological preconceptions are read into the text.

Proper Interpretation

1. The Thief asked to be Remembered

Created: June 20, 2011