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The Problem with Your Bible

Jesus is the Way, Truth, Life

Subscribe to the Way of Jesus. God is calling all men everywhere to repentance. _______________________________________ JESUS' INSPIRED TESTIMONY Spirit led disciples are inspired witnesses of Jesus. They are God-breathed testimonies of Jesus. The disciples of Jesus are his Testimony to the world, HIS 'New Testament,' the light of the world. Men try to absolve themselves from serving as a testimony of Jesus by assigning that service to an ink and paper Book. _______________________________________ GOD'S CHILDREN HATED BY MEN Men killed Jesus for calling God his own Father. Like God's firstborn son, all Jesus' disciples are also born of God and they call upon God as their own Father. And just as men hated Jesus, God's begotten children will be hated and persecuted by the world. _______________________________________ STATEMENT OF FAITH Jesus calls each of us not to simply write statements of faith for people to believe but for each of us to BE a Statement of Faith, a walking Testimony of Jesus Christ, so that others might follow Him. ______________________________________ TRUE SAVING FAITH True Faith is obedience to God's Truth. His Word is Truth and His Word of Truth is a person named Jesus. True faith therefore is obedience to God's Truth which is Jesus Himself. Obedience to Jesus is our saving Faith. ______________________________________ ALLEGIANCE TO ONE LORD Discples pledge their allegiance to no flag or worldly authority but only to one Lord, one Master, Jesus, whose Kingdom is not of this world. No one can serve two masters or he will love the one and hate the other. We must choose who or what we will serve. Choose Jesus. ______________________________________ DISCIPLESHIP: A JOURNEY Christianity is a Way to life not the acquisitiion of a status card. It is the journey of learning from our Teacher Jesus. Every man will be judged by works without partiality and respect of persons. The way to death is a walk along the road of sin; the way to life is a walk along the road of righteousness. These roads lead in opposite directions. Make sure you are walking in the right direction and do not turn back toward the direction of the road of sin. Although he was a son he learned obedience from what he suffered. Hebrews 5:8. ______________________________________ OUR TEACHER IS JESUS HIMSELF A disciple is one who is learning. He is an apprentice temple builder who is taught and supervised by the Master Builder, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He calls his sheep by name and they hear his voice; they hear his voice and they follow him and they will not follow the voice of a stranger. He himself is our Guide and our Final Authority. Jesus is Lord. We learn from our Teacher Jesus and that is what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. No one is finished learning from Jesus unless, and until, the world comes to kill you. That's Graduation Day. ______________________________________ PURPOSE The purpose of this channel is to share what this disciple has learned from my Teacher so that you might take up your cross and follow Jesus. I am not interested in followers or disciples or public recognition. I am just a servant of Jesus. My own words cannot teach you what Jesus can teach you. The primary purpose of these videos is to point you away from following deception and to the one whom you should follow: Jesus, the Way, the TRUTH, the Life. ______________________________________ THE PROBLEM WITH YOUR BIBLE _______________________________________ SUBSCRIBER CONFIDENTIALITY Subscribers will not appear on this channel page. _______________________________________