The Gospel Truth The Truth vs. The Deception

Lies the Churches Taught Me

I was raised in a Lutheran church until I was confirmed at the age of 13 years old. At that time, my family began to attend the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Since my childhood, I have lived in many places and have attended many different denominations, most those which people called "Evangelical." About 14 years ago, or thereabouts, when I was attending Canadian Bible College & Theological Seminary, I saw all the bickering and arguing among various church denominations about their various creeds, doctrines, and theologies. It was plain to me that they all couldn't be right or they wouldn't be fighting with each other. It was also hypothetically possible that one of them could be right. And it was also possible that they all could be wrong. Remembering Jesus' words, "Whoever does not forsake all that he has cannot be my disciple." And he showed me that one of the things I have is a belief system, my own set of doctrines, my own theology, which I developed from the various teachings in these churches. And I prayed to the Lord that all my beliefs were up for grabs and any one of them would be left behind to follow him. I wanted to know the truth and I wanted no lies.

At this point in time, I began to learn how to commit myself to learning from Jesus and never, ever, attempting to justify what I wanted to believe. I set my heart on only desiring the actual truth. But I still thought Jesus would teach me by guiding me through the Bible and the like. I still did not know that I didn't even need the Bible to learn the truth from Jesus. That would come about 7-8 years later. But he was good to me and he did teach me despite my mistaken preconceptions. He did teach me about these things. He showed me many deceptions which I had been taught to believe. He also showed me deceptions which others believed. He not only showed me these deceptions, he showed me just how these deceptions were cleverly crafted to deceive men, even the elect. Over several years, he took me on a very long and arduous journey. He provided a dear friend and brother to walk with me. And he helped me untie the deception knots of this wicked tangled web of lies so that I could see the deceptions I had believed. In time, most of my beliefs had to be left behind, idols to abandon to serve the true and living God.

The journey was long and difficult. Having shown me the many errors of Protestants, such as Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura, and others, Jesus even led me to the church of Rome so that I might learn its deceptions and the truths hidden therein. He showed me how the devil cloaked some of the truth inside Rome's lies so that Protestants would not see it and they would "throw out the baby with the bathwater", throw out truth with lies. He showed me how Protestants are kept in many of their lies by supposing where they agree with Rome that these things must be true when in fact many of those mutual beliefs were pure lies. They supposed the approval of men validate their beliefs. Jesus also showed me how the devil has taken bits of truth and spread them all over the many denominations of Christendom, mixing them with lies, so that people would remain confused not knowing how and where to separate one thing from another and they would have little possibility of knowing the truth. He showed me how they never see the truth because they are too busy fighting with each other by reaffirming to themselves they are the correct party not knowing truth is not something created and defended with self reaffirmations but a treasure which must be found and proclaimed. And Jesus gave me a picture of many Protestants at the bottom of a hill screaming at the Catholic fortress at the top of the hill. And Jesus called me to walk up the hill, into the fortress, and out the back door to the valley on the other side. Nobody was there. They were all so busy on the other side of the hill arguing about all the doctrines which were lying between them that none of them realized that the truth was not even there.