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Star Wannabe!

This is Star Wannabe!!

Star Wannabe is a role-playing community on uJournal. We are not the real celebrities so please do not IM or email any of our members with annoying comments asking if we're real or not. Want to join? Well, all you need to do is pick a celeb and create a uJournal in their name. It's a lot of fun and there's a lot of interaction. So c'mon - pick somebody and come join us! You can pick ANYBODY ya like - just as long as they are not already in our community. How do you know? Check out the links to the uJournals below.

To get started, go to uJournal and create a Journal as your chosen star and email us the details. Put this site as your website address and we'll link ya here. Then just get into those celeb boots and let the fun and games begin! LOL

Email us below for any help or advice.

AJ McLean
Brian Littrell
Nick Carter
Kevin Richardson
Howie Dorough
JC Chasez
Justin Timberlake
Britney Spears
Amanda Latona
Leighanne Littrell
Kristin Richardson
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Lopez
Nicholas Brandon
Katherine from Roswell
Kelly Clarkson
Mandy Moore
Heather Graham
Michelle Jones - BSB Insider
Sarah Martin
Mariah Carey
Gwen Stefani