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Pierre André T H I B A U L T  =  PAT

Personal Record = Résumé / Resume = CV


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On the background of a four-decade-career as a

journalist and a market researcher for industrial goods

and  consumer products,  Pierre André T H I B A U L T ,

("PAT" in Copyright © PAT, considering copyrights as

a transition model towards an  Open Source  system),


is born 10-10-1939 in Le Hâvre, France, a French citizen,

has been a  freelance  consultant  specialized in

feasibility estimates for marketing projects and

future visions as described in a press article of his,

"4m-Sales", web published  2002.


By the turn of the century, he had been consulting

in most of the  EU,  Norway,  Switzerland,  Monaco,

and Liechtenstein,


in the West Indies in 1997,

Turkey in 1967 and 2003,

Italy in 2002 and 2004,

and in Egypt in 2005.


More professional travels and countries visited

by PAT = (*) + year


Retired 2002. Recent private travels with family:

Sept-Oct 2010 to:

Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands,

Belgium, France, Switzerland, visiting relatives,  

and friends.


Oct 2011 to: Paris, Reims, Épernay, Châlons-en-Champagne, Verneuil ...


Oct 2012 to:  Weeze,  Arcen,  Brugge,  Halluin,

Orléans, La Ferté St Aubin, Villefagnan, Ruffec,

Evian, Lausanne, Heidelberg.


Tasting Cuisines Régionales.


Pierre Thibault speaks and writes in French, English,

Swedish and Spanish, speaks a good deal of Italian,

understands and reads rather well Danish and Norwegian,

speaks and reads some German, reads only some Dutch,

could improve his knowledge of Latin and ancient Greek,

can say some words in Haitian Creole, can get some Finnish

if there is a Swedish translation beside it, which it often does

in Helsinki and on the South and West coast of Finland, less

in Iso-Syöte, Taivalkoski  (Photo Jorma Saariaho, Kari Mänty),

would like to add Russian and Ukrainian to this list,

and has not yet tried Japanese, Korean, Chinese,

and some languages of South-East Asia ...


Since his school years, PAT’s hobby has been much about

art, style, and design history.


See some of it at: PAT hobby, Euro Man, Euro Venus,

Arènes de Lutèce, Raphael's Madonnas, Art


More about Pierre André THIBAULT’s Personal Record

and Curriculum Vitae at: PAT record CV




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