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Autobahn in Germany


Links, Maps, Guides, Fuel, Stations, Services, Radio, Radar, Webcams, Licence Plates, Language, Special Autobahn Stuff…


9 Dictionaries in 5 languages      Thesaurus      Measures     GMT  


Yahoo ( in German )


SOS  112   European SOS


Polizei  110

Example of Autobahn Emergency Phones  ADAC (In English: Click on “Become a member”)  AvD 

POLIZEI AUTOS  Real time Traffic Reports


The whole Autobahn system in English The International Road Transport Union

Everything and more about Road Travel Map


Multimap Mappoint Mapquest Detail European Maps – Click English and Map Detailed Maps of Autobahn & European Motorways  


More Maps :

Mercedes-Benz Portal  Baustellen auf Autobahnen 

Everything and more about European Motorways and US Highways in English, French,

German, Dutch, Italian  The Autobahn in English 

Training for Germany in English Driving on Autobahns in Germany Germany: Information and links Fuel Prices in Europe and USA

Route Planning with very detailed Maps. Main house numbers in the streets! Addresses-Maps-Routes in 4 Languages

Aktuelle Verkehrs-informationen Bayern  München Nürnberg Österreich Norditalien  Radar Germany Austria German Links in English Driving in Germany

Internet Radio Stations 

Ministerium für Verkehr-Energie und Landesplanung des Landes Nordrhein-Westafalen



Traffic Info Radio

Regional traffic reports (called a variety of names including Verkehrsmeldungen, Verkehrsdienst,Verkehrsfunk, and Stauschau) are excellent and are provided on most radio stations. Germany is divided into traffic reporting regions (Verkehrsrundfunkbereichen); signs along the road indicate the local radio stations carrying the traffic reports for the region you are in. You will need to have a working knowledge of German to understand them.


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Traffic & Autobahn Webcams



Licence Number Plates      Germany      Europe      World



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