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Home Page of the Poor and the Helpless and the Hungry

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Hunger defined: "the uneasy or painful sensation caused by lack of food"


Saint Mary's Soup Kitchen International

( Charitable Organization, to feed the hungry worldwide)

P.O. 752

Downers Grove, Illinois 60515.   U.S.A

Email:; Phone: 630-963-3573

Mission Statement:"Hunger is devastating the poor, especially the children worldwide and the helpless; they need a helping hand to reduce their sufferings and give them some hope, that God is watching over them through us."

Founder: Michael Moduthagam, Ph.D.

Volunteers: Any volunteer help is appreciated from the communities.

Services: Provide hot soup, sandwiches and hotmeal whenever possible to the hungry.

Locations: Services are provided from any community center available or provided by the kindness of the community in USA and worldwide.

Organization: Non-denominational. Feed the hungry wherever they are found, regardless religion, race and national origin.

Donation:personal funds only.