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A narrative essay by Hui Sing Hung, Sky


 “Brothers and sisters, let’s go for a full appetite!” shouted the mosquito head. Through out the long hot rainy summer in Hong Kong, millions of mosquitoes got activated and they were heading for a “blood battle” against human beings. “Contribute your blood to our great kingdom!” continued the leader speaking in an irritating way. “Blood! Blood! Blood! …” the mosquitoes cheerfully responded. Reaching their high spirits, they were ready to set off.

 “It’s very kind of us to give an unforgettable experience to our human friends a painful and itching bite!” “HaHa…” laughed a flock of mosquitoes on arrival at their destination. With their tiny body and active reaction, they had had a full stomach within a moment. Their caution and cunning made thousands of people fall prey to them. “Humans are all silly and foolish. By no way could they escape our attack! ” “Sure. Being human but just have no sense of sanitation with all bad habits!” chatted 2 mosquitoes after having their great dinner. “Hey guys! Let’s go swimming! See the “swimming pools” everywhere on grounds and trays? Our kind human neighbors have an abundant water supply for us!” joined a third mosquito. “HeHe, we can then take a big sleep in our “greenhouse” in all those scattered abandoned lunch boxes and soft drinks cans too! Get full energy and prepare for the next battle!” “Yes. Humans do every little thing to support our survival! HaHa.” interrupted the other 2 partners.

 “In fact, some places in Hong Kong had suffered severe mosquito attack over the past several months, including Tong Chung and Tsuen Wan. And the situation was further deteriorated in these few weeks, spreading through the New Territories to the urban areas including Cheng Sha Wan and Sham Shui Po.” a news reporter stated. But, human just thought mosquitoes were such tiny insects that they posed no real danger. They just seemed to be negligent of the potential threat of mosquitoes to their health and life. So they just continued sticking to their habits, giving mosquitoes perfect condition to further establishing their kingdom at astonishing speed.

 Very soon the problem of mosquito spread across Hong Kong. Not only did it cause a painful and itching bite on the human skin, but also it spread disease of a fatal typeDengue fever. “All our dear citizens!” spoke the mosquito head in a very serious manner.  “Our kingdom has expanded all over Hong Kong within a short time thanks to the foolish Hong Kong people. Let’s give them a big hand!” “Yeah…! Silly Hong Kong people!” cheered the mosquitoes, with a series of clapping hands followed.

 Dengue fever is rare in Hong Kong and the possibility of it being broken out here at an enormous scale will be extremely low. a government official claimed. Thats why neither the government nor citizens took determined measures to tackle the mosquito spread until continuous cases of Dengue fever were reported. Having discovered a series of Dengue fever cases in Hong Kong, the government tried all the possible means to eliminate the breed of mosquito in the territory, like spraying chemicals and insecticides in the affected areas as well as educating the public the importance of hygiene. Feared by the death of the Dengue fever carriers, citizens paid their attention to the environmental hygiene and adopted precautions to stop the spread of mosquito such as removing stagnant water, covering all water containers and disposing lunch boxes and soft drinks cans properly. The problem of mosquito was therefore brought under control within several weeks based on the co-operation between citizens and the government.

 “Abominable humans! We will revive whenever possible!” cried the mosquito head while facing the end of its life. Are humans really silly and foolish? Not really, they are just sometimes not alert of the potential danger of a particular phenomenon. To put it simple, they are just too negligent. On the other hand, their reaction and co-operation to tackling emergency are often worth praising. However, such negligence is usually the root cause of many tragedies. So they should always stay alert and learn a lesson from the past experience or what the mosquito leader said in the end will surely come to a reality.