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An Expository Essay by Hui Sing Hung Sky


:The total death toll from the Oct 12 blasts outside 2 Bali nightclubs on the Indonesian resort island is about 200, while the official death toll of Australians killed in the bombings stands at 75, with another 12 still missing.; the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia said on Oct 16.

        Terrorism, a frightful term that brings tears and blood. Every nation is placing their severe criticism against the terrorists and taking every possible means to bring such threat to an end. Yet their effort seems to come to a waste. Terrorism continues spreading through the continents, the Bali bombing in Asia, for example. It is about time for the main powers to do the rethinking on terrorism.

        It has been a busy year for the US president who takes his worldwide trip to get support and approval for his military action against the terrorist countries since the 911 attack. The US government has labeled Afghanistan and Iraq as the center of terrorism and thus isolating the 2 countries in terms of political and economic means. While America has had a war on Afghanistan, she is ready for a next one against Iraq in case she fails to comply with the new strict resolutions passed by the United Nations. If this were a reality, surely this will be a tragedy more than a blessing. It is undeniable that the war on Afghanistan significantly reduces the threat of terrorism. But at the same time, it claims thousands of innocent lives. Family・s broken, relative・s gone and life・s damaged in the war in addition to the social and economic losses. Everyone will be living in agony in the shadow of the war. By no way should a country bring a war to people based on these reasons.

On the other hand, war brings enmity. A war could only bring immediate peace. But the innocent suffering in it will definitely develop a sense of enmity against the war-maker. It is such enmity that gives rise to the endless terrorist attacks. Suicide bombing attacks in Israel and the Bali bombing in Indonesia are hard facts illustrating the phenomenon. If America declares a war to Iraq unnecessarily, she will not only receive worldwide criticisms, but also she will act as the terrorist in the end. It is always wise for the US to learn a lesson from the 911 attack.

To fight terrorism, a peaceful way will always be appealing to a war. Worldwide cooperation to exchange information and establish international linkage to tackle terrorism will necessarily do more good than a war. Now that Iraq agrees the new resolutions and allows specialist groups to check her military and biological weapon sites throughout the country, it indicates that the pressure of UN, to be a peaceful way, is effective in settling disputes. But America insists not giving up the use of military force, claiming a war to be the last resort. It does no good but just provokes conflicts between she and Iraq. In the meanwhile, it possibly causes unexpected resistance for the UN to perform its duty in Iraq.

No one is born in relation to terrorism. Terrorism is just a final way for people expressing their exasperation and desperate life. It・s primarily conducive to the inequality of wealth and uneven distribution of resources in the world. Provoked by the US foreign policies, terrorism has developed since the past decade and become a major issue today. To settle it, starting a war does no help; only facing its root cause will be the real solution.