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Myrl is an odd one. One of few "older" online buddies of mine, lol. Met her on Horseland, that evil evil EVIL game (hate hate hate!), but we didn't really start talking talking until recently. I have no idea how long I've actually known her because time has no meaning to me, it could be a month or six and I wouldn't know.

You dummy, go ask her!

Myrl: fuck i dunno

-_-;; BRILLIANT idea.... Anywho, yea. Myrl's a little messed in the head, but who isn't? I mean, it's like a requierment to be my friend, you MUST be a little off in one way or another, whether you're online or real life. But she's great, she's always online so I'm never lonely in the middle of the night XD and I miss her when she's not online so there you go :) She owes me one too, I hooked her up with her perfect boyfriend Sam. Damn it, if I'm not in the bridal party, I'll kill her....

-rapes myrls skull- bwa ha ha ha! (oh..and I've settled on a year and change *nods*)

Myrl on dreams:

Myrl: and i guess you were like making friends with the evil mutant green dolphin
Myrl: it had legs and was green
Myrl: and he was crawling all over you
Myrl: and i was like dude how can you be like that
Myrl: and you're like it's better to make friends with it
Me: XD
Myrl: and i dunno
Myrl: a bunch more happened
Myrl: but i barely recall
Me: but you remember an evil green dolphin with arms and legs crawling on me?
Myrl: yeah he was weird
Myrl: he was like brocoli
Me: I love brocoli....