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Justin is like, one of two other guys I know online...and I pissed off another one because he doesn't know how to take a joke sooo, yea, lol. ANYWHO, of the two remaining, he's the only one who likes ponies *cough*horses*cough* so he earns brownie points for being so damn cool.

He also gets brownie points for being a fellow New Yorker, so he'd clean up at the first annual "Corvid Awards" in about two dozen random catagories. Feel loved Justin *nods*

Justin on AP tests:

Justin: so happy... AP grades finally came and I redeemed myself in calc, lol
Me: oh god, AP...
Justin: as much as I hated my teacher at least she helped me enough to get a five
Me: -dies of laughter-
Me: *twitching on floor*
Justin: lol, u ok there?
Me: I will be in a minute
Me: lol
Me: AP was some funny shit man, made my day XD
Justin: Euro history didn't go so well? lol
Me: that's an understatement
Me: I at least got above my goal of .5 XD XD XD XD
Justin: as long as it wasn't negative
Justin: well, I think they round up ;-)
Me: -dies-
Justin: lol
Me: you're mean, lol