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She told me her name once but I forgot it. Yea, I know my memory is bad ~_~. She's lucky though, she's a New Zealander and New Zealand is horse country so I don't pity her to much. I wish she was online more often, but it's kinda hard when you're in different hemsphears and time zones, and what not, know what I mean? She's nice though and a lot of fun chat with AND a great RPer. I ONLY know great RPers ^_^;;;

Ice on chillie:

Ice: mmmm... chilli...
Me: -eats your chilli-
Ice: nooooooo... my chilli!
Me: lol
Me: ^_^
Ice: [must now journey back to the lands of the forgotten chilli to capture more wild chilli.... and another rouge piece of bread]
Ice: [... the journey may be dark and perilous, but she will do it anyhow... for the just cause of CHILLI!]

Ice on teenage mental illness:

Ice: hehe
Ice: this is amusing
Ice: [pets chrissers] don't worry
Ice: most people can be helped
Ice: >D

That was just to damn funny to pass up...