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Crimson/Nicole (mer, I normally just call her Crim, I had to ask what her name was again ROFLMAO), one of the few online friends I have that I DIDN'T meet from an RPG. She's a SIM-er, lmao. I discovered her after she bred to my morgan stallion, and found a fellow anime lover ^_^;;; She's a year younger than me to my recollection but we could otherwise be twins. It's a little frightning, but I love it ^_^;;; Clpas!

And just what a normal conversation is like for us:

Nikky: wheee! training!
Me: why do you sound so happy?
Nikky: because!
Nikky: i have a icee!
Nikky: from .. target! ooooo, ahhhh ....
Nikky: lmao
Nikky: ^-^
Me: ...*shakes head and decides not to comment*
Me: lol
Nikky: *bows* tee hee ^-^
Nikky: *chews on your sleeve*
Me: I'm wearing a tank top o_O
Nikky: well then
Nikky: *chews on your hair*