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Clare, that blue eyed cabbage. She's a great RPer and fun to talk to as well as an awesome rider. I forget half the things she tells me about the shows she enteres, but I do remember she normally does pretty good, never below the top 5 (at least, the ones she tells me about, LMAO). Her taste in music couldn't be better and we are both Pepsi Smash junkies ^_^;;;

Clare on veggies:

Me: and I want a beet...
Me: :(
Clare: ew
Me: there's nothing wrong with beets!
Clare: they're nasty
Me: are not ;_;
Me: I love them ;_; ;_;
Clare: -nods-
Clare: are too
Me: yea, well, you're nasty!
Me: you blue eyes cabbage!
Me: eyed*
Clare: lmao
Clare: I love cabbage!
Me: pooo on cabbage, lol
Clare: everyone loves cabbages!
Me: do not!
Me: lol
Clare: at least this cabbage
Clare: 'cause she's extra loveable
Me: mmm..the jury's still out on that one
Clare: lmao