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Beth, otherwise known as Bethers or "Da Bitch" is one of what I concider my "RP sisters" in that, I started out RPing with her, and I "grew up" RPing with her. There are five others who fall into that catagory, Mel, Kymba, Kara, Meggers, and Liz. The original "psychos", lmao.

As with most RPers, Beth is rather creative when it comes to writing and a monster with any photo editing program. A little on the stretched side she is often complaining that she hasn't had enough sleep or that she's going to take a nap.

Bethers also has a very fabled "soft spot" that she SWEARS doesn't exist, but I've poked it before. Everyone has, so just admit it! You have a soft spot!!!

I concider Beth to be one of my more prized online friends, one of few who I'm actually willing to go out on a limb and meet in real life (summer of 2004 baby, yea! lmao) sooo yea. That's about that....

Beth on finding a proper quote:

Me: I need a funny quote from ye
Beth: from me?
Me: everyone's got to have one at the buttom of their page...
Me: aye lass
Beth: ... like what?
Me: I dunno
Me: if you can't think of anything I'll eventually just steal something amusing from one of our conversation
Beth: I'm not one to be quoted
Me: and you get no say in it
Beth: that's fine with me lol
Me: lol, all right then
Beth: or we could do the shrimp thing!
Beth: you could quote that! HA HA HA!
Me: ?
Beth: "my shrimp fell into my cocktail sauce -stares at it sadly-" actually, I don't know if that's how it really goes... and it's not really that funny unless you're in one of those moods.. but it entertains me (not that that's hard to do)
Me: lol
Beth: hrm.. no.. that one won't due.. if I had one of our conversations... I'd help you out.. maybe something from my survey??
Me: nope, I've got it
Beth: what did you use?
Me: you'll see

And there you have it, the life and times of Bethers. Savy?