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Experimental Salvia Divinorum information

Above: Crystals of salvinorin A in isopropanol

I have provided the information on these pages, for people interested in the chemistry of salvia divinorum and other salvia species. Because of this, they contain no information regarding the toxicity or mind altering properties of the pure compounds.
Try this link for some warnings Caution information

Topics Covered

WARNING. S.Divinorum and salvinorin A is now illegal in Australia and perhaps other countries soon. Keep youself well informed.

I'm taking a break from salvia experiments and I will simply add interesting offsite links for a while until I discover something important.

Last update 15 July 2002

Isolation of Salvinorin A from salvia divinorum
HPLC Chromatograms of salvia divinorum and splendens
Solvent tests for salvinorin A extractions
Solubility of salvinorin A in different alcohols
Roasting leaves
Column chromatography
Column chromatography pictures!

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