In which I ask you a lot of nosey questions about what you like... and stuff.

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It makes me feel like a DJ. I can spin some some phat beats and no one can stop me! All this evil located at BedderthanChedder.

1. kissacod @ diaryland
2. diskobox weblog: A group weblog run by an uber cool web hostess of mine. I post under a stupid name.
3. is this music?: Another group weblog with friends.

Lots of puppies and kitties dressed as bride and groom. Yeah.

Current/Older Images

Stan Laurelme
Er, self-explanatory.

Mary Pickfordquotes
Some well-said or just generally funny things said by musicians, celebs, whatever.

Bob Dylanmusic
Favourite bands, favourite videos & music links.

Charlie Chaplin & Jackie Cooganlinks
Hearty links for all.

Teenage Fanclubteenagefansite
My site for the Scottish band Teenage Fanclub because they're freaking great, man. Great.

Rufus Wainwrightrufuswainwrightf.a.q.
An archive of information I've built on the amazing Dreamworks recording artist, musician/songwriter Rufus Wainwright. A lovely person in both personality and appearance.

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