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Raptor Space Research

Synopsis of Project
  • The purpose of this research project is to research, construct, and refine a new technology for launching rockets into the 21st Century. Our project will involve air pressure launches, which overcome the initial force of gravity and allow the 2nd stage, solid propellant to launch the test rockets much higher than previous solid propellants. We will conclude the project with a prediction of the future application of air launching rockets in much larger scale.

Objectives List

  • Research Model Rocketry As A Science, Gas Properties, Piston/Pressure Information.
  • Construct Several Highly Efficient, Cost Effective, and Incredibly Versatile Model Rockets.
  • Test Model Rockets With Wide Range of Solid, Commercial Propellants, Without Air Launcher.
  • Design and Construct Air Pressure Launch System
  • Calculate Efficiency and Feasibility of Larger Scale Rockets For Government/Private Industries

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