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Message 14 - August 6

Subject: Career Thoughts, some breakdown of ideas.

'Sup, Babe -
Thought you'd like a new intro, just so you could feel comfortable that I'm not just copy/pasting the thing up there. Hope it's not offensive. Plus, you are a serious babe, there's just no getting around that.

I read your message, and I personally think the Hilo High experience is a tad more down to earth, something I would choose personally. I mean, the biggest "downside" to it is that it's going to be a more traditional (manu-wise) lecture oriented setting, with straightforeward lesson plans, etc, and the creativity on your part will not be excessive. BUt at the same time, there's no rule that says to be a high school teacher you have to be boring!!! Nah, take it and give every day a flavor and twist that your students can look foreward to. Anywayz, I thought I'd show off, so if you'll just give this link a little attention, you'll see how I broke the whole decision process down into a comparison, and we'll work the brain muscle as little as possible while still doing a good job.

Now onto the next area: what did I Think of the other teachers, were they supportive, etc etc etc... Naturally, some of the teachers won my affections, others I have few memories of if any at all, and others I learned to dread with the same passion that I think of whenever dealing with Dr. John. So they covered the whole entire spectrum. I Suspect you'll end up in a classroom in the triple-storied A Building. This includes the Math department and most of the social studies stuff too. Teacher's include Jensen (both of them, the women in algebra and the man, donald, in history, both christians btw), Kowalski (stiff haoli guy, geometry), Kaetsu (social studies, AP govt., etc, EXCELLENT teacher, surfer!!!). I liked kaetsu because he did current events and seemed to have a really broad sense of understanding towards worldly and global affairs. He's have a strong, well rounded view of this war, I Think, without overly passionately forcing the students to believe what he does. He gives options; I like this man! I've seen him at HOnoli'i, so I thought that made him even kewler! SHarp used to work here, but your information says he's at Kamehameha now, so Hilo High loses out on that one. Farther away, I remember Banashek (spanish) in the R building, and Maesaka (woodshop) across the school near the cafeteria. THen, in C building (halfway in between), there's Nakamura (Chemistry). My memory is running thin, so I Guess I've forgotten well over half of them.

I vote for the High School job, just with the idea of you burning out in mind. I'd hate for you to get overworked in your first year and have very little steam going into the online teacher's ed course next year with manoa. Remember, the current plan is to Temporarily work, then head for the teacher's ed program to grab a weapon that will make you permanent, so let's not give too much emphasis or effort to the temporary, but instead save most of your energy for a year from now. Make sense? I hope so.

Something about our conversation inspired my last night, and today I had some real quality time with God. Don't know where it came from, but I'm glowly, very slightly, spiritually. Thanks for playing a role in that. I'm asking God to change my desires and to make me hate sin and loathe it the way he does. I noticed that God has used my fear of your "cultish" situation to motivate me to seek him, if nothing else than to help you end up in the right place. Garanteed in the process I'll end up serving him with even more of my heart! I love you so much, circe, you have no idea, and God is using that to reel me in. Isn't that an odd tactic? I think it's perfect!

Talk to you soon.

Thinking of you. In love,

Chris'n'Circe Message Center

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