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Message 13 - August 5

Subject: Spiritual Vocabulary Lesson.

Hey, Circe -
THat last email was the neatest thing! I was doing all right with a combination of educated guesses and contextual use, but when catharsis kicked in (which was actually sort of out of context, and wrong - you are not dried out, especially not spiritually!), so did the dictionary, at which time I decided to just look up a whole bunch of them. If it's not to unnatural, do it again, I thought that was fun!

I'll try and call you tonight. I might be going to visit Pastor Bob, he has me on some kind of software assignment, but when I get home, if it's not too late, I'll give you a buzz.

Just one more thought. I recalled but could not pinpoint a certain moment of salvation in the bible that I wanted to share, and my mother brought it to my attention. Baptism isn't mandatory, Jesus said so himself. It is a dependence on his mercy (and an acknowledgement of that dependence from the depth of your sincerest heart) that appears to be the qualifications God seeks. The moment in history was this: Jesus is on the Cross, and speaks the words to the man hanging next to him "truly, this day, you will be with me in paradise". Here is a man who was never baptised, yet Jesus has clearly made a reservations for him.

Thinking of you. In love,

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