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Message 22 - August 25

Subject: First day of School.

Circe -
Just walked out of Dr. "the doctor of doctors" Li with Abstract Algebra Math 494, and it doesn't seem that bad. Small book and I gotta go buy it at the book store in just a minute.

Hope the kids treated you well today. It's about 1pm, so you are probably in period 5 right about now, tolerating the hardest class, the kids that want out of school for the day. Geez, I don't know how you do it, but I hope that you keep your cool and keep up with those 2 minute prayers.

Just realized that if I dont' buy my math book within the next 45 minutes, I won't get a chance today. Take care. See you soon. I'll call when I can. By the way, now you have no excuse feeling uncomfortable calling me, so I hope to hear from you some evening this week. I'm still thinking about Wednesday night, by the way.

Take a deep breath,

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