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Message 11 - August 2

Subject: Just saying hi!

Hey, Circe -
Mike's here, so I dont' haev a lot of time, and I Haven't been on the computer in several days. I've been reading the Last few chapters of the Harry Potter book 5, and it's simply riveting. Very exciting, could hardly put it down, and I think that I'm about the slowest reader I know.

So you don't know whether you got that one job for the charter school yet? Please let me know as soon as you find out, okay? Yes, Hilo High would be awesome for you to teach at as well. I know several of the teachers, obviuosly, and I think it'd be really awesome if you ended up working alongside, say, Mr. Sharp (my algebra II teacher). There's also Mrs. Jensen, who was my algebra I teacher, and Mr. Kowalski, my geometry teacher (in case the names turn up useful or whatever - you may not know them, but in the "it's who you know" department, having some clue could prove useful).

K, movie's starting. I made yet even more changes to the web site to where you can chose what month you wish to view message-wise, so I hope you were able to get this message okay. I'll call you soon, sweety!

Thinking of you. In love,

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