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Message 9 - July 27

Subject: More Chris'n'Circe Message Center Updates!

Hey Circe:
Happy Early Birthday! As you can tell, I've actually invested some pretty serious time into our online conversation quality, at least in the technology sense. I really hope you like it, although it's not quite done. Notice that I not only got VERY elaborate on the main page, but I also killed the angelfire poppup banner, which was getting very annoying. I also plan to update the individual message page and even set up archives if and when the message list gets long enough (you know, like a drop down box that lets you pick messages from each month).

But wait, there's more! I also plan to try and find what I consider well-done tutorials in javascript, so you have access to some easy, fast learning with a simple language that is virtually identical to one of the most powerful languages (the former being javascript, the latter being C++).

I'm in a good mood, because the plane ticket stuff worked out so well, although I do have to deal with a cab ride in LA, it shouldn't be that bad, even though I've never flagged a taxi down before. Just remember, it's not New York...

Thinking of you. In love,

Chris'n'Circe Message Center

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