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Message 2 - July 18

Subject: (none)

Yeah, I got both your email messages and the one with the h2 tags. Very impressive, I must admit. The mistake you made with the p takes was leaving the

<!-- --> tags intact. That was part of the comment, which hides it in the source code.

I can't wait to get back to Hawaii weather, myself. I'll miss you a whole lot if Hilo isn't where you end up, but if you'll have me around, I'll probably take time to fly and visit you when opportunity presents itself. I'd love to help you make a surfing website - you've never shown interest before, not really anyway. You'll have to get someone to take pictures of you, sent them to me, and I'll take care of layout and design. Should be fun. Yes, you ought to do that while you are still young. You should also take those exotic pictures I kept talking about while you are young and your looks are more than fully intact. I have no idea, but it's possible your skin has just as many years as your fertility. No one but you ever has to see those pictures if you take them, and they'd be absolutely priceless.

Thinking of you. In love,

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