I Blame Myself

Waking up in the crowd
I see myself again
Looking around for you
I see myself at end
I don't wanna change
Give me a chance
Wanna stay with you
Let me say my peace

How did we end up like this?
Over a silly fight, we went ahead and just quit?

I blame myself
For the overflow in the fields we grow
Cause I can't stop thinking about not thinking about it
I blame myself
I shouldn't lay down low, I should have known
I don't wanna stop thinking about stop thinking about it

Walking up to you,
I felt so through
Talking in my head
Trying to get it dead
I had to rise above
My emotional plug
Gotta cut these ropes
Of pride that hold be back

How come we ended all of this?
We had such a laugh, it was so sad to see it go to waste

I blame myself
Don't wanna take you down, but hold you round
Cause your a friend, please let me back in
I'm by myself
I feel so low, I should have known
I guess you don't want to see me now

I blame myself.