It started on the Tag board...

A few of us started doing these, and then I thought "Hey, I got a webspace that has lots of space free... I'll jot these down!"
Please forgive me, Syke, Khaelis.

Extracts from the Very Secret Diary of Khaelis Sine
DayEntryGiven by
1Woke up, gotten beaten up by shower curtain. went to breakfast, Jarvin's food tried to kill me. Went to work, Jules tried to drag me into Vixen's secret. I hate my life. Redshirt
2 Patrolled in garden. Tripped and nearly got strangled by plants. Went out of garden, and nearly got squashed between the doors. Got back to the armoury and got my gun. Now no doors can stand in my way. Dylar
3Need more armor. I seem to go through more lifts than combat pilots. Got beaten up by janitor robot. Stupid robot. Silverwolf
4 Knocked unconscious by flying jewelry box. Woke up in medlab with Ciphyr saying something about a galactic record. I end up here so often maybe I should consider a career in medicine instead of customs. *later* Bad idea. Nearly strangled by IV rack. Stupid IV Silverwolf
5 Lost bet with {insert favourite character here}, now having to guard Waste Treatment plant. Fell into the vats twice, just not my day. *later* Ran into a very rude mounty. She told me to go take a shower, I told her to go away, she dunked me in the vats again. I HATE MARS! Redshirt
6 Went shopping. Clothes turned out to tie me up, and groceries fell out of their racks on top of my head. I'll let somebody else do it in future. Dylar
7 I hurt bad after tussle with big bad vacuum cleaner, but Ciphyr is hungry, so I'll wait a bit. My luck isn't that good at the moment, you see. Dylar
8 Went to deal with a practical joke incident. Slipped in a puddle of fur dye. Woke up in medical looking like an extra from Braveheart. Stupid Siracs...Tarra
9Bad cut from toilet paper. Impossible but happened. V. embarrasing. Wonder how much is covered by the academy insurance? Silverwolf
10 Sat down. Missed chair. Not too bad, only one leg broken. Dylar
11 Have been assigned as sitter to Akelae twins. Big feeling of foreboding. *Later* Woke up in medlab. Twins came to visit, both fine. Feeling of foreboding increasing. Silverwolf
12 Found out that I've already done the sitting job, and woke up in medlab as result thereof. Feeling of foreboding was justified. Signing off now, the twins are playing with my IV. Silverwolf
13 Have feeling of being followed. Foreboding increasing. Somebody asked me for an autograph. Don't know why. Stabbed myself with pen.Dylar
14 thinking of going to Earth and either getting captured by AMIB or working in hollywood. Either way I'll be better off. *Later* no such luck. Stampeded at furrycon, then rescued. hate life.Silverwolf
15 Am looking at options to transfer to somewhere else. Computer handling this laughed at me. Tried to hit computer, and got electrified. hard to see through fluffy hair. Am bumping into things, and have feeling that the twins tied something to my tail. Dylar
16 First time out of medlab in perfect shape, no bruises or broken bones. *Later* wrote too soon, run over by gravity board. Silverwolf
17 Tried out this "Starcraft" game the humans seem so fond of... Broke nose diving for cover during nuclear strike.Ilfar
18People have begun to grin at me in the halls. Very disturbing. Have not had accident in nearly four ho... *connection lost* Ilfar
19 Got ran over by Solan today. Literaly. She landed one oof her trainee's on the pad that I was inspecting. Lucky for me I had my lift on. Unluck for my lift, now have to go see SPike again... *later* Note to self, do not interupt SPike when he is busy, nasty wounds from spark welder. Redshirt
20 woke up that my bedsheets were strangeling me, I am gonna sleep in a lift for now on madman
21 Cornered in commercial district. Forced into Vixen's Secret yet again. Called lift. Fell over mannequin. Ouch. Silverwolf
22 was put on to direct the flow of Toyotas, look like traffic cop. Wooo, they are chasing me!!! *end of transmission* madman
23 Great day. I was set to guard the last alive dodos. Got a call of nature. Darn Darius and his Chicken obsession. Rayne congratulated me with getting a spesice of the endangered list. No One
24 was put to clean up Darius office while the Toyota boardmembers were there, the feather brrom tried to kill me using static, the boardmembers got a lot of laughts madman
25 Was told by Darius that I had to stop and smell the roses to reduce my stress. Stupid canivore plants. No One
26 Wondering why with my record I haven't been fired or reassigned. Darius says I make a good secret weapon, as I seem to attract all the injury. Says I must have powers of invincibility. Hate powers of invincibility. Too much pain. madman
27 Stayed in bed to avoid further accidents, read the safty regulations, got badly mauled by the popup page. No One
28 Valentine's Day... Got roses, thorny roses. Must not kick thorny roses. Gave to Angel on arrival, got hug... Must not hug Craihs again, ouch. Ilfar
29 Visited family for holiday. Dad's replacement leg arrived, Mum's new kitchen set is here, and family Shivae no longer has fleas. House was vandalised that night, hotel caught fire second night. Hoping Rayne can prove innocence, or at least make bail. Ilfar
30 Rayne made bail, proved innocence. Even after I stepped on his tail. I get to guard the waste treatment station again this week. Ilfar
31 Met that rude mounty again, very strong. Realised the vats weren't that bad a place to swim. Got tail caught in vent, nearly drowned. No hug from Angel today. Ilfar
32 Seem to have developed a fan base. Suspect someone may be reading these entries, will try to find out more. *later* Ran round corner and into Rabbit student while chasing cameraman. Hugged. Ran out of breath and lost consciousness. Ilfar
33 Approached by drug company to trial new relaxant. Slept through three shifts. Woke to find that Rabbit hugging me again. Must not attempt through-wall exits without lift on... Ilfar
34 Discovered some kind of shrine to Quinn in one of the student lounges. Was dismantling it when something attacked. Spike said to come back tomorrow for new lift. Ilfar
35 Spike told me he built a special "Khaelis Effect" module into this lift, wondering what wil... GERK! *later* Lift exploded ten minutes after putting it on.Ilfar
36 Insurance company says they'd make more money insuring extreme sports events, curious as to what extreme sports are, researching. *later* They call that an extreme sport? Done worse than that just brushing my teeth. Ilfar
37 Tried living in remote mountain village to escape problems. Mountain turned out to be active volcano, lost most of fur in escape. Rabbit seems to think no fur is sexy. Suspect Rabbit may think anything is sexy... Ilfar
38 Managed to get myself cloned. Clone seems to have none of the problems I do, except for that Rabbit. Hate clone. *later* Clone spontaneously combusted, must remember never to eat Burritos... Ilfar
39 Managed to get some time to self, went to Garden. Avoided carnivorous plants, Rabbits, and fur dye. Did not avoid low branch. Concussion hurts less than I remember. Ilfar
40 ...and the little baby Shivae all went safely home for tea, the end. *later* Must not write in diary while dazed... Ilfar
41 .sdrawkcab gnikrow tfiL *later* Seems the twins played with Lift wiring. Only damaged three walls, two students, Darius' desk, and one arm. Spike seemed rather amused by incident. Ilfar
42 April Fools Day... Not going to fall for anything this year. *later* "Look out, a Shivae is going to land on you!" - It really did sound like a joke. Ilfar
43 Too afraid to move, am just going to sit here. *later* Rabbit came, revised situation. Patrol going well, far side of Mars nicely desolate. Ilfar
Darius's Have not seen Khaelis in nearly a week, sent out patrol craft to search for him. *later* Patrol craft crash-landed, waiting for further news... Ilfar
44 Patrol craft are a lot heavier than Shivae. Hoping they'll notice me under here soon, "Khaelis protocols" require crew to check underneath all craft after any landing. Ilfar
45 Was sent to earth with Tamera so she could see her family, but Rayne will not sent me to earth anymore, that is good, I wont get flashed like I did there, and almost cought by AMIB, even it seems to be a better choice than Mars Academy... MM
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