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WIP = Work in progress, will update whenever I feel like it. XXX = Not porn, just not something I feel you should realy look at. FAC = These aren't stories, they are facts about characters/places/etc.. This will include character profiles when I finish them. () designates what universe they are set in, note that I try to use cannon infomation where possible, but none of my works are cannon, except to each other. Most my stuff is in .PDF, so try to have acrobat reader or something to veiw them... Contact page here

[cyantian chronicals] or [MARPG]

Waking Dreams
Ryalto Character Bio (approved for MARPG, yeah baby!)
Masks of Fate
Twisted Hope
A pic of Ryalto, hand sketched then edited in photoshop
A quick database for all the characters I use, will update in a few weeks
A pic of Ryalto being 'somethinged' by Eve(eve is copyright of her PG, not me.)
Mind Games Units 1-6 {WIP}
Muerte al Redshirt

Other Stuff

My sketchbook from my trip to Barcelona. Mostly poems, a few sketches.

Quested Requiem {WIP}

Companion guide to QR {last updated 5th Feb}
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4