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Feel the leet. Well, here is the varous ways to contact me:
ICQ: 162561803
AIM: ryaltotrebor
E-mail: jt486@hotmail.com
Tag Board: I am on the tagboard intermitantly between 8:30 and 15:00 GMT(London) Monday to Friday. This is when I am in college. After 15:00, I may be on, if I don't have work.
Nice Forum: Same as the tag board, and I check my PB at least once a day.
TGU forum: I check this whenever, and that's really a whenever. Basically, could be every otherday, or could be over a week. I also rarely post there unless I have something to say. But it is a way of contacting me.

I cannot check that e-mail from college. I use Trillian at home, so when I am online at home ICQ, AIM and MSN are available. The admins at the college refuse to beleive me when I say that access to my e-mail and having Trillian on would help my education... I don't know why.