You followed the link from the Tag-board. That was very brave of you...

You might like my Stories
You might not.
You might like to visit one of the sites I have linked
or maybe you think that those sites aren't worth the time of day.
You might even have been quoted
Or maybe you heard about the secret diary.
Or you might even need to contact me.
Of course, you might want to see what sick humour I find on the net.
Your Choice what to do now.

Hmmm... Go check out the MARPG OOC forum OOC thread to see my latest idea, that will be taking precedence after I finish chapter 5 and 6 of QR. This means that QR will be going on Haitus then. Next bit of news... College isn't being so 3vi1 at the moment, so nothing to report there... Ah, yeah. I will be sending Ilfar a copy of Homeworld, I look forward to kicking his @ss when he gets it, and I plan on commisioning Syke to draw Ryalto. Happy picture glee!

General news: Chapters 5 and 6 have been started, 5 just needs a few more paragraphs and its done. I WILL HAVE ONE OF THEM DONE BEFORE FRIDAY SO DON'T ASK ME WHEN!
Next, I will be prone to boughts of confuzzlement for these next few weeks, due to lack of sleep. This is due to me staying up late on the net when I have to get up at 6:40 the next day. Guess what, I will be holding of being on late for a few days cause of this.

That be all, at the moment. I'll probably think of more to add later.

I will make this very brief. If I say that I want someone to stop being a complete idoit and be serious, it is a good idea to do so. Ignoring me will just result in me ripping any material I have of yours off my site and outright boycotting you. I am not being petty, but I expect a bit of consideration. Especialy when it concerns a serious matter like trying to track someone down.

Ok. I am sick of academics. I am seriously thinking of just quitting and become an obscure hermit that writes stuff to the boards, hoping in vain for a publisher to say "Hey, that stuffs pretty good. Sign that guy up!" However, I am to well informed a optimist to go with that idea.

Good news is that I will have a lot of the stuff that I need to get done this weekend, so will have time to devote towards QR. Bad news is that staying up late for lots of nights trying to get that essay done has made me really tired. Hence my evil plot is to go home and sleep, then work on the stuff due for college, then play some games, then finish chapter 5 of QR.

This next week (Feb 24 to Feb 29) is Half term break for me, so I won't be in college doing college stuff. I will be in college doing work stuff, as I work there and the IT dept is doing major upgrading of the network. Should get lots of mullah for that. I will definately hit Syke's shop with it when I get paid for it. =^.^= Unfortunatly, they won't pay me till the end of March cause payroll only pays once a month. Evil.

Lots of people have noticed that I stoped using Redshirt for the Tag board. That is because of cloners. If I ever find out who the cloner is, I will do unpleasant things so evil that they make Jeffery Dahlmer look like a really nice guy.

Also, I am considering starting another story. Go see the shinier thread for the poem about it. This story would be a Sci Fi type, which I can probably write a lot to. However, this will wait till mid March at the earliest till I start it, as by then I should have QR close to Chapter 10 and will just be revising for the impending doom that is final exams. Anyone wanting to draw Ryalto cramming for an exam will recieve a nice poem, guarranteed to be a Redshirt Original.

Ok, last litle thing. I like this mod for Homeworld, the Sacrifice of Angles mod. It's a trek mod, a near total conversion for homeworld. The mod team are still working on it, and it currently only supports MP. However, the textures are sweet, the gameplay well ballanced, and I just love playing as Feds. You can find the mod team at the TGU, go to the links page for it. One of the threads has a link to the .zip which has the mod.