Don't Walk Away

Inspired by Oasis - Don't Walk Away


Stupid chemistry, such a stupid subject. It's not hard, just stupid. Triflorine dicarbonite. Pfbt. Easy... So just how much energy does it need again?...

"Thanks for the answer, cannon fodder."

Huh? Tarn! Leave Ryalto alone!

"Why can't you let me be, Tarn?"

Make me!
"Why don't you make me?"

You little.... You asked for it!
"Shut up Tarn!" Kari gets up. Leave him alone! or I'll...

"Stay out of this Kari," Tarn turns towards her, "unless there is something you want to tell us about you two?"

You! You...

Ryalto rises quickly out of his seat, running out of the room.

Me what? Nya!"Just as I thought." Tarn sits back down, smiling.

Ryalto, stop! Wait up! Kari follows him out into the corridor. Damn Tarn... Why can't he leave Ryalto alone, he has it hard as it is. "Ryalto, wait up!" Ryalto runs under the stairwell, and Kari walks up to him. She sees him sitting against the wall. Youngest of us, and he can't mind talk. Why can't he mind talk? I'll have to ask Larena about that...

"Why does he do that? Why can't he leave me alone? Why don't [b]you[/b] leave me alone?" ...He hates me. He just wants me to suffer. Why won't he just leave me alone. Why can't I ignore him?

He doesn't hate you... But you can't hear me, can you. Oh brother, I wish I could help you....


Heh, that was too easy. He's such a baby. Don't know why they keep him with us, they should send him to one of the younger groups. So what if he's smart, he can't cut it with us..

Larena walks in. Uh oh, just act natural. She can't know what's happened, she can't read us...

But I can, Tarn. "They went out."

"Herto, where did they go?"

"They went out, Larena. Ryalto got upset and ran out. Kari followed him." You shouldn't have upset Ryalto, Tarn. Nothing good can come of this for you...

Oh shut it!

"Tarn, when I get back, we are having a little talk."


Please calm down Ryalto...

"Just leave me alone. I don't belong here. Just leave me alone!"

Brother, please... "Ryalto, calm down. I just want to help you!" Kari reaches out to Ryalto, concern in her eyes. But on placing one hand on his shoulder, Ryalto jumps back from her.

"Don't help me! Your helping just makes it worse! Don't you see? I can't even defend myself from Tarn." Ryalto walks away, pointingly avoiding Kari's reach.

Managing to grab Ryalto again as she steps up to him, Kari says "You are not going into the militia, only dumb violent cubs get sent there." Brother... Please! ... Huh? Wha?

"Don't touch ME!" Ryalto punches the wall with his left fist, leaving a large dent with cracks. Shocked by his violence, Kari backs away, and stands staring as Ryalto collapses on the floor at Larena's feet.

I couldn't read him... I didn't even know he was gonna hit me.

"Kari, call medical. Tell them to send someone up here." Lorena knells to examine Ryalto.

Kari turns, the task giving her something to do to distract her. She runs back to the room and opens a panel by the door, revealing a comm panel.

"Hmpf. Bet he broke his arm doing that" Tarn says as Kari passes by him to hit a button on the comm panel.

His arm isn't even scratched... How did he do that?

"Larena, I couldn't read Ryalto..." Kari mumbles. Oh, Ryalto. Why?