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George Lucas
There's moth is over my mouth, too. So I'll be Hannibal not AGENT FLONDER in the back seat OH BOY
I will try and sue you for $10 Million. I think I'll only make money for you. That doesn't bother me.


Nobody acted oan Jody's behalf good for any good but their own. Sit and wait?
It's story that will cost us every thing!! Now let me tell why!
Do yuu want move on to Well I've been lied to.
Why the Death Head Mouth on Jody's Fosters Mouth There's one on my exwife Jody
George Lucas there's also a dead daughter too. It's the story.......
I'm late very late.

Hannibal Lecter

A scary thought Hannibal Lecter writes in only 7. Cause Hannibal Lecter does not really feel. Do this do that all just movement to him. Part of my background is as a programer. But that is not what lead to this thought. You try fitting feel and feeling into 7 word. It's HARD TO DO.

With this in mind I looked at the action. The last second pounce on the second guard.

And then I will on him pounce

With all weight not light an ounce

He does not set him self up for that bit of action. He just does it. Oh foul script.

It's for the kill or the smile.

That is what is all the while.

I wish Jody was on my team. Though everyone says there not. I was fun with the little blonde. There was a girl name Christine I think that was her name. After one talk she too had a team. Oh another blonde. I am now where only the F.B.I. can help me because the idiots think there as good. Another team.

I have an insident that I can not resolve fully the character is enjoying seeing 6 quarts of Coke for a dollar. Someone else prior to going back there asked how much. He then said, "What about bottle deposit?". This person had enjoyed screwing someone. He said go back ### go back. I went back to the gas station that was selling the Coke 6 for a dollar. What wrong has been wrong with this is this person then and now seems to happy almost at the edge of feeling sly. Almost as much fun as Go buy. Back then with the Cokes cases filling the closet. Later go buy will make fun of me for having so much that is right to my face. 12 to a case 4 cases.

Go buy was used as someone elses friend before The Mexican (The only guy he can sing like. Fredy Fender What boils under this one is.)

Enough about a standard for odd happy and the deaths head moth.

Now back to Hannibal Lecter by what I know. The point of time I have checked for actions and all odd happy. One claims to have been to TEXAS A & M. talked about Vitamins and Aminon Acids. Engineering back ground? Threat for anything? There is one inocent run around he goes after picture of crash that plane near Soic City. Nothing. Not cocky? Little late? Still just hanging around years later? Yes.

Pre dating the period there was a great interest in fights from Friends of go buy Go Buy and The Mexican. Everybody crazy to be in one or egg on someone. Run, yes get away.

Now back to Hannibal Lecter. He is enjoying himself too much. I fall 1987 I am working on a pinball. The question is what would I do in a fight. Block and punch. Next what if he got inside on you and grabbed to tackle. Id take my thumb nail across his fore head. My nails are thick my hands at that time stong. (Now I should check before I think of trying something I don't have to do.

The question you could cut a person. Yes down to the bone below. There would have to be bone. You could pull down on it. You could go down around the outside edge around the eye and down the jaw bone. Still that same look. With that same stupid look. This is serious have to not who as art director. Go away! His addition find fault. Well the skin won't stay in place Yes Hannibal Lecter Yes. Billy what about Billy Trying to leave a mark too.

The Lincoln Nebraska has some people that want me to say I was sower. I never wanted to go back to there again unless this mess gets up and of cross. You are to busy. The baby Bond Villian got to stomp off.

No and keep everyone that is just short of Hannibal Lecter too.

Anyone dealing having or dealing with them on any of this is an uncaring crock You are not source for anything good Star Wars.

Now who put the deaths head moth acrossed Jodys mouth.

Hannibal Lecter A different refrigerator please. Please no hand for this one please. The door is machically held shut. The handle is in the shape of a V. Push one side down and the door opens on that side. Push the other side down and that other side opens. Simple enough. But do one side and hold the door up and push the handle the other way and you can walk away with the door. Very old 1950s.

Walk down to the water and look for the loading docks and machine works etc.

Float on the door to there and look for a hack saw blade.

Lean door against their door. With a long note to call the F.B.I.

Darling Starling Please no hand for this one please.

Oh Darling Starling

Hannibal and the man in the chair. Eating a brain is messy.

The first time through was just Hannibal in all his glory.

This time I added Hannibal lighting him up and more.

Hannibal and the man in the chair. REDUCE get it

The guy in the chair has come to. Seated in front of him is Hannibal. He knows who Hannibal is. While he is gathering his thought Hannibal starts to talk.

To tell him he knows who hired him to find me. (Soft but anger settling to very comfortable. The man struggles to get from the chair. Hannibal slowly get up walks aroung behind him and puts his arm under his chin. The crouch of his elbow holds the mans chin. He finds the vein going up to the brain and starts to push. Fits of thrushing and the man slowly fades.

Hannibal goes back to his chair and sits down crossing his legs. As the man goes to he leans forward and rest his weight on his elbow. He asks him if he remembers hearing about Blank Blank the serial killer. As the man looks says what are you getting at in Horror. Hannibal tell him the man that made him is your boss. He was so certain he could do anything. Well like you were and look were your at now.

The man again struggles in the chair. Hannibal gets up and comes around to the back of his chair. The man throws his head forward and tries looking behind himself. Hannibal puts a finger to the side of his neck again and pushes. The man rolls his head to that side and Hannibal slides his arm down the other side of his neck. Then takes his hand up to the top of his skull and pushes accross hard. The for arm comes up the other side under the jaw. AND AGAIN HE PUSHES ON THE VEIN. Again fits of thrushing and the man slowly fades.

As smoothly as Hannibal has ever talked

You felt on top of the world nothing could stop you. I told Blank Blank how he was almost perfect. He hung there wondering. I said your not insane. You like doing it, you love being evil. Your ok none of your ideas have ever endangered you. Your thinking was so clear so terriblely cunning. Your not insane. You've never been in danger from your insane ideas.

Hannibal is talking now almost as if he likes him but rationally.

Blank Blanks hands go to his face. As Hannibal looks on smiling as if saying could he.

Blank Blank started tearing at his face.

Your boss over stated his wishes for care for Blank Blank. The judge gave your boss custody of Blank Blank. That thing that he messed with first. And here we are.

hannibal says I haven't made a mistake yet have I. It's all going according to my plan isn't it.

The man starts to insanely throw himself around in the chair. Hannibal gets up and goes around behind him. The man head goes forward again. Hannibal lowers down behind him then pushes on the vein. The man tries to throw himself the other way. Hannibal whispers I really don't want to do that. But he moves his finger back against the vein. He is almost insane now. It just there against his neck. Hannibal moves back around front and sits down. The mans breathing deep and hard. Hannibal speaks to him but he just sits there breathing deep and hard. His eyes are wild to look at.

Hannibal gets up and walks arouond behind him. The finger goes for the vein and the other hand for the other side of the neck.

Very softly whispering to him.

Say to yourself I'll never ever feel like that again. Never ever Never ever again.

As the mans head comes forward on to his chest.

Too Clockwork Orange to Chezk


delightfully tell him of the man who hired him to find him. ho told the idiot in the chair the whole story of the evil guy that's is using him and mister ugly who is now dead.

Make sure he understand he is an idiot.

If he says I want to go home, can I have a puppy. He'll be good.

Always a nice suit of cloths. How about dinner

I asked Rodger to step forward with anyone that could or try just to draw attention to what is going on.

Anyone just waiting and or waiting to make a deal leting things crimmial happen.

A different place a different time

Jerk at college a janitor in 1998. Fishs for the first a possible reason I should be around my own kids. He's indecating a anger problem you may not find that. Lincoln itself has many more player and the University is just being used. This is the time of the John E######.

Who knows what??????????????????? Any action to straighten any thing out no. Crock. Baaaaaaa Do some or say Baaaaaaaaaadd

No weapons of mass destruction. No gas! Lets Party! This years Super Dave Osborne Award goes to President George W. Bush. In all truth they could not have done a thing with out you. (Tom Osborne was Head Coach of University of Nebraska. Dave was some idiot they pushed into my life. They would have liked him in the story. Nobody wanted to find out.They later brought out after my daughter died every sad face they could find.)

Sodom's ingret bother did what area a favor? Willingly? No Gas? My bet was bad Sodom. If I was scared of that all the gas would go. You have a friend in the lets play weak. Have I seen that. Could George W. Bush or Colin Powell see that or would they be used to having to ignor it! Anyone can help the world be stupid.


What is insane is anybody could accidently be killed. Of course you can get rid of it. Even at a whisper.

Public announcement? Only if you can say B.S. can't say it.? I would be good to announce it if you could give a reaon.

This is the BIA no relation to the CIA second guessing. We all do better here.

Places where some have traded information with Lincoln hopping to get the story.
San Francisco uses it should take because couldn't help others

Los Angeles Library only big problem like early Lincoln

Washington D. C. People find crocks everywhere except D.C. want everything. Always have back to 2001. Why here it dfinitely isn't about here. Should know it is not.
Screw and they think it should be theirs. Ask Condit

There were people yelling and screaming around Gary Condit's house. No one said a word good clean fun. Who told if anybody Casundra Leavy he was leaving his wife? You can get a job for someone because you made a mistake. If they stay they won't go home a talk stupidly. Who helped who knew? You lay down and die if you feel to used? With no way out!

I once said Ant Tracks everyone want to put their mark on what happens. A lot of Ant Tracks Want to live in a plastic world set up for you. Next you'll want to leave Ant Tracks.

Somebody left Ant Tracks and wrote a lot of papers. Others what?

There was a girl in Sacromento who was murder. They hounded her boy friend till he comminted suicide. Later murder caught. No one is saying something is stupid when it is.

Bob L. Petersen

Never made it to Hollywood

All bared by not timely asking of doing any thing.

Possible story line from this. I have seen Underverse. Gees he's fast. All things must die for us.

I am not anything unless you hurt me. Who am I?

I would liked to let my exwife no exfriend think or Calulate. She was best that way. She measured and concluded that those who wanted her just wanted something else. Since then as she suspected they would now say who if not for me.

Now it way to easy. Break the knife off Incase right. The knife I used to learn how to throw has a flat blade, That one is neat and expensive. Well balanced blade steel and handle aluminum. Follows the blade everywhere.

The 6 foot pry bar in the 1960s the Russian Weight lifter carried his country's flag out in one hand through the stadium. I used to carry the 6 foot pry bar around like that. Somewhere under a 150 pounds. Once I got the feel of it I would roll it around on the palm of my hand. Just up one handed and then around. I try again last year and mad a video of it. Slow. Yes. End of video I say one try that is enough.

What do you know that is hard, but do able. Or can you do it better tan anyone one thinks.

Rhyme verse poems poetry with a 0 catch I will be back to the poem in a minute or two.

Who was how nice back there? The pit

People of D.C. Your are a liar don't say you want to prove what the truth is.

Bob L. Petersen.

Bob L. Petersen.

Bob L. Petersen

Bob L. Petersen
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Bob L. Petersen

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