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On the main page of this site, i give a brief description of why I chose the name *NSYNC Splash to portray Lance Bass and the other *NSYNCers. I decided to write what it means to me and why I came up with it here also in case I ever changed the first page.

As I said earlier I thought of the name *NSYNC Splash way before this site opened. I had just begun to learn HTML and I was having someone explain some of the basics of webpage making to me. She mentioned a splash page... Now at that moment I had no idea what a "splash" page was and needless to say, I was confused! But later that day I began thinking... I liked the word splash. It had a crazy ring to it that made me think of a billion summery things at once. I began playing with names for my website when it hit me. *NSYNC Splash. The name just seemed right. It made me think of warm summer weather, fun water fights, surfing, hawaii, and of course my 5 favorite guys.

Lance, Justin, Joey, Chris, and JC!