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Log Cabin Values

TITLE: Log Cabin Values 
AUTHOR: nhawk 
POSTED: 9. July 2002
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SPOILERS: None, but set at the very end of season 6. 
DISCLAIMER: I don't own them, MGM, Gekko Film Corp., and Double Secret 
Productions do. No infringement intended.
STATUS: Complete.  
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This little scene popped into my head last night and wouldn't 
leave until I'd written it down. I apologise in advance for any grammatical, spelling or 
factual errors made herein. This is my debut fanfic so feedback would be very much 

This is a short one, guys.  As I said, it's set at the very end of season six and was 
inspired by various comments made by the wonderful Joe "champion of the fans" 
Mallozzi.  This one's for you Joe {g}.

Log Cabin Values 
    by nhawk       

"So this is the place you kept threatening to take me?"

He jumps at the sound of her voice, his head whipping round to see her standing by 
the side of the cabin. For a second he thinks he's asleep, dreaming.

"It's beautiful."

He stares at her and she smiles. 

"I thought you said you couldn't come."  He was so disappointed when she'd 
said no, again.

She takes a few steps forward, towards the lake, and him.

"Mark and Julie's trip got cut short so I didn't have to look after the kids anymore."

He's staring again - like he's in shock.

"I tried to call you but your cell phone was switched off."

Oh. "Sorry, I don't like to be disturbed when I'm up here.  I didn't think you were 

"I know".  She says it softly and with a hint of regret.

"So you drove all the way up here?"

"Yup".  She says it like it was the easiest thing in the world.  He's not convinced.

There's a strange look in her eyes and he thinks it might be fear.  There's something 
else there too, a light, a sparkle that he doesn't think he's ever seen before.  

He shivers. 



"Do I get a tour?"

"A tour?  Ya sure ya betcha."

The shock must have worn off because he's grinning now and so is she.


Outside, the early evening sun is low and warm, casting a golden glow over the cabin 
and trees.  Crickets and cicadas chirp in chorus and the fishing boat makes small 
splashing sounds as it moves in the water. 

Inside, she holds out her hand to him and he replies with a slow, easy smile.  

The End

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