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Falling Back

TITLE: Falling Back 
AUTHOR: nhawk 
POSTED: 21.12.2003
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CATEGORY: Drabble (100 words), S/J
SPOILERS: Tag/Missing/Possible scene for future episode but with no real spoilers.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own them, MGM, Gekko Film Corp., and Double Secret 
Productions do. No infringement intended.
STATUS: Complete.  

Falling Back
By nhawk

He opens the door and slides quietly inside, flicking over the lock as the door 
clicks shut. 
She is sitting in the dim light. Head down. Facing away.  
"How are you doing?"  
She doesn't move. "I'm fine, sir." 
"None of us are fine, Carter." 
She looks up at that. At him. He's right. They are nowhere near fine. 
"Come here." 
"No. Really. I-" But she sees it in his eyes. Pain. Need. This isn't only for her.  
She moves into his arms. 
"Don't. Please don't." 
And as his words fade, she tightens her grip. And so does he.


The End

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