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Darkness, Take My Hand

TITLE: Darkness, Take My Hand 
AUTHOR: nhawk
POSTED: 14.12.2002
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CATEGORY: Drabble, Angst, S/J
WARNINGS: Implied character death.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own them, MGM, Gekko Film Corp., and Double Secret 
Productions do. And Dennis Lehane owns the title. No infringement intended.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is an odd and very depressing drabble... you have been 
warned! And it's an actual drabble this time - 100 words exactly - thanks, Suz {g}.

Darkness, Take My Hand
      by nhawk

Jack stands in the shower; Carter's dried blood now running red in the hot water. He 
slams his fist into the tiles, his own blood joining hers. 


The klaxons are still blaring when he arrives barefoot in the gate-room. He stands in 
the doorway, water streaming down his face from his soaking hair.

"Jacob", Hammond says softly, taking the raging man firmly by the shoulders.  

Jacob twists away, "Tell me! I'll kill him! Who did it? WHO DID IT?"

And although Jack wasn't there when it happened, wasn't even on the same planet, he 
thinks: "I did. I did".


The End

I stole the title "Darkness, Take My Hand" from a book by Dennis Lehane (highly 
recommended - the book that is, not stealing {g}).

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