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TITLE: Collisions
AUTHOR: nhawk
POSTED: 20.January.2004
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CATEGORY: Drabble (100 words), S/J, Grace tag
SPOILERS: A Grace episode addition, but with no real spoilers.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own them, MGM, Gekko Film Corp., and Double Secret
Productions do. No infringement intended.
STATUS: Complete.


You begin to think this is easy - this not loving him. The key, you realise, is
avoidance. Don't look back. Never, ever look back.

He notices, of course. He starts seeking you out - asking questions to which he has all
the answers. But this is easy, you tell yourself.

And then it happens. A perceptive child, on some otherworldly planet, asks, "How do
you bear it?"
"Bear what?"
"Being in love."
And he's right there, watching. Momentarily, lightning-fast, your gaze hits his. And
everything falls away - all is lost.

You can't do this. You can never do this.


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