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Realized I didn't do the scrollbars yet. Will put up layout by this weekend-ish. I hope. Maybe. Okay, well, I'm going to try to. I'm finishing up the scrollbars right now and after that I have to add this layout to Past Layouts and THEN I can put up the new layout, YAY!

Okay, I'm tired of waiting, I'm putting the layout up now! Get ready..... cause..... it's bad!

I swear I'll get the new layout up soon! There's a few things that I have to adjust, finish the coding, wait for Jackie to update her buttons, then move it all to mollified and it'll be done! I have to work my algebra project too, meh. Stupid algebra. Oh and I have to find a space to put.. currently.. DARNIT! WHY DIDN'T I MAKE A SPACE ALREADY!?

Beginning to change the background colors & css for pages, so some may be black and some purple... ^_^ Just getting ready for the NEW LAYOUT! Which isn't actually finished yet, but it will be! I updated the pixel cam too. Everything down to their shoes and skin tone are as accurate as possible. =D

Still working on the new layout. It should be finished sometime, but I'm having problems with making it not look psychotic with brushes. We all know what happened last time I got hold of new brushes (see v.5), so let's see if I can avoid that...

I fixed more junk on that dang joined page. It's so annoying when people close or move or whatevers and don't tell you. ANYWAYS I have new Christmas ornaments!

I also updated currently, but that doesn't really count, and I did the calendar. I took more pics with the digital camera since it decided to work for me suddenly, so.. I'll be trying to find a place to put those. ^_^

YAY! Malcolm is on today! Oh yesh, and I updated my joined page so it's all good. Yeah. Still working on the new layout. Looks like it won't be exactly what I was hoping for, but I'm getting there...

Since there's no Friday Five again, I'm going to do a Friday One! w00t! It's so brilliant! I wonder if anyone else will use my friday one. Oh well, who cares. Mine is touching and sad, so.. I WIN! Hmm... need to work on that layout, don't I? Need motivation! OH! But I did make a crummy frontpage thingy... here. It's my wishlist.

Eek, I haven't updated this in like a week! Exactly a week, actually, so Kerrie can't eat me!! HAHAH!! o.o I always update 'currently' though. Every day. Almost. Almost every day. Anyways I've joined the Pixel Cam thingy, and done more pixel train trades. W00t to the pixels! Also, look forward to a super-uber new layout!!! (hint: clink.. whip.. ching ching ching ching ching ching ching...)

Hey guys! I'm currently moving to which is Kerrie's new site, so things may and will be a bit hectic. @.@ Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is coming out tomorrow, YAY! I hope I get to see it soon!! ^_^ You too!

HI! Okay I didn't really do anything today but update Currently, but you know what I noticed? I always right p align="justify" and you know what JUSTIFY reminds me of? JACKIE! Haha, it sounds like a word she'd make up. Like, um, yeah. If you don't get it then you probably won't. 0.0 If she doesn't get it, then, Jackie, you're stupid. J/K of course. ^_^ (aherm) Anyways, I'm going to go check the mail since I'm too anxious to wait any longer!

Done uploading my PT and QBee trades. ^_^ That's about it.

Finally, I added a new page! Just in time for the week's anniversary too. The new page is of our trip to Reno, Nevada and I put up nine pictures I took!

ACK! It's already Friday and I have to go drop off Brooklyn soon!! MEEP!!! o.o A salesperson just called and all I said was 'no'... XD that was fun.

There is now a poll page, where you can help decide on Strema's new layout! w00t!!! You can be a part of HISTORY! If you don't like any of ideas and have a wonderful new one, then dangit, go email me!

Added a guestbook today. Not sure why. Just felt the need to. Um... yup, that's it!

*mumbles* I hafta do a story with Sarah, who isn't online.. *mumbles again* Anyways, I'm talkin to Dawn right now... I updated currently and my calendar. W00t!

Staying home sick today.. meh.. *eats cramps* so, I'm adding some stuff. Like, buttons for example! I also put up a NEW PAGE in my fan fic and going to put up a table of contents after that.


The pages are going to be different colors, because I'm working on my NEW LAYOUT! I've already decided how it's going to look like, so all I need to do is convert all the pages and then finish the index page. I'd finish it tonight but I really need to get to sleep so I can stay up forever for the Wedgie Sleepover III!

Not much of an update, but I joined some more fanlistings....

Yay! Jackie made me an award today! Go SEE IT, then visit JACKIE!!!!!!!!

Still sucking at these updates.. but hey at least it's like twice a week! W00ness! I updated the joined page, but I've been working on three other sites too! Eek! One is Playing It Cool, which is going to be SOTM on two sites! w00t! Another is my DS Fanlisting, which has a new layout now! The other is The Cute Pack, my sister's site that I'm making for her. Eek, so much to do! Homework time!