"Emma and I are like, the only girls on the set!"

"Accidentally made out with a guy? Oh yeah.. I did that.."

"I LOVE YOU DAN!! [trips] Oops.. now I don't."

"I'm not modest.. am I?"

"I can't stop people from hating me! Apparently I'm on top of the list of hot girls or something like that. Maybe that's why."

"There's a list of hot girls and guys? Are you on it, Dan?"

"It's always fun to run around in circles around the camera man."
"NO! I see you writing what I'm saying RIGHT THERE! Stop misquoting me!"

"Are you kidding? I'm around boys all the time, I'm sick of them! [Tom Felton walks past] GO AWAY!!!"

"I'm too American, apparently."

"He [Sean Biggerstaff] scares me!"

"There's two answers to that question and you said the wrong one!"

"I'm afraid people will get sick of me being onscreen. I'll always be Renee! But you know, the cast of Friends doesn't have any problems finding other jobs."

"I have a street team!? Dan look, I have my very own street team!"

"I bet you don't have a street team."

"I've heard more than once I'm too outgoing. Can you imagine that?"