Doctor Offers Reward For Missing Children

by James J. Keene PhD

Trenton, NJ - May 24, 2002 A reward of $500 has been offered by Dr. James J. Keene for locating his missing children, Grace Josephine Keene, 18, and James R. Keene, 15.

There are very good leads and simple instructions to receive the reward money described in this article!

The Background

On Feb. 1, 1995, Dr. Keene's children, Grace, then 10, and James, then 7, were abducted by their mother Nilda M. Keene. Since that time, they have been hidden, detained and prevented from freely communicating with their father and the Keene half of their family. James and Grace have been subjected to this abuse and immersed in a culture of fear and deception by the Davis-Flores brothers and sisters.

Recently, the grandmother of the children passed away and left a modest inheritance for the children. Their uncle is executor of the estate and has also been trying to locate these children.

The Leads

Most recently, the missing children have been traced to Willingboro, NJ, probably to the residence of the abductor's brother, Pedro Davis-Flores, 29 Neptune Lane, Willingboro, NJ 08046-1312. Official records in New Jersey and Maryland show the mother (Dr. Keene's ex-wife) has used her married name, Nilda Keene. The phone company reports Nilda has the same unlisted phone number as Mr. Davis-Flores.

The Burlington County Library recently exhibited art by "Grace and James Keene" during April, as reported on their web page. The children are not enrolled in the Willingboro High School.

Given the serial abductions to and from New Jersey and Puerto Rico, Dr. Keene also provides leads for investigation in Puerto Rico. The sister, other brothers and a cousin of Nilda are:

Ana Rosa Davis-Flores, Calle Nueva #18, Box 253, Patillas, PR 00723, Phone: 787-839-3046
Paul Davis-Flores, Calle Nueva, Patillas, PR 00723, Phone: 787-839-6974
Jose Antonio Davis-Flores, Rio Piedras, PR, Phone: 787-761-2829
Luis Davis-Flores, Calle 9, Bloque F-29, Cupey Gardens, Rio Piedras, PR, Phone: 787-755-3448
Migdoel Vazquez-Davis, M.D., P.O. Box 1319, Patillas, PR 00723
Hospital Lafayette, Box 207, Carr 753 Km 0.2 Bo More, Arroyo, Puerto Rico 00714, Phone: 787-839-3232

How to Collect the Reward

First, the children email their father, Dr. Keene, at to get the "secret question" which is just a simple thing that only the children would know and could answer.

Second, the children email their father with the simple answer to the "secret question." Anything more? That email should state the reward recipient's name and mailing address, so that person will receive their reward check in the mail. Oh, yes. That email from the children should also quote this message from their father:

"Hi, This is your Dad. I love you, Grace. I love you, Jimmy. Your grandmother Keene loves you. She passed away. Your Uncle wants to talk with you about it. I want to chat with you. Please email me at Love, Dad"

NOTE TO EDITORS: Do consider if you want to publish addresses and phones.

Copyright © 2002 James J. Keene
Original Publication: May 24, 2002

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