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The Dawn-Breakers

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Updated: July 13, 2009
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The True Story
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James J Keene

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THE DAWN-BREAKERS. One could not invent a more moving or dramatic story. It had to be already there.

  • Fast-paced ACTION-ADVENTURE, with the added excitement that it really happened.

  • A SUSPENSE-THRILLER and MYSTERY, with the "thief in the night" free in your world.

  • Astonishing SPECIAL EFFECTS, with the added wonder that they were real events, the most spectacular in all of human history.

  • Unforgettable CHARACTERS, they are real people.

  • The popular HISTORICAL genre, but its surprises and astounding climax are unique and fresh, almost totally unknown to the public.
  • Why put so much into one film? So that it will be must see for an entire people? To challenge the talent on both sides of the camera as never before? To create a "once in a generation" film? Maybe. But it was already there!

    This true story continues in our world. The first act was in Persia (Iran), a site of intense current public interest, in that fascinating mid-nineteenth century period that gave birth to our modern era. The world-wide economic depression of the 1840s, startling astronomical events and forecasts of the "return of a prophet" combined to nurture an agitated atmosphere. In synopsis:

    Persia was sliding to the depths of a centuries long decline into corruption and oppression, desperate for relief. A lone and unlettered Youth, whose magnetic presence charms and subdues even the elite in knowledge, power and the holy, aims at no less than the complete renovation of the system they guarded. Opposed by every power this Islamic state could marshal, that obscure Youth and an unusual band of admirers persist in a mission, enthralling and convulsing an empire the size of Europe, to the puzzlement of all, including the British and Russian envoys, representing great powers of the day. These forces clash confounding that empire by events that none, either then or today, could have expected or controlled. The powers of Persia fail to stem the influence of this Youth by isolation in a remote mountain prison fortress and are unable to suppress the ardor of his adherents by massacres of thousands. Finally, they attempt to execute the Youth. We see his ultimate triumph, the most stunning and miraculous events surrounding the execution of any personage in all recorded history!

    An original screenplay by James J. Keene is faithful to the historical facts. The music, "Metamorphosis of the Owls," composed by the immensely talented Daniel Jordan, in the classical style, features a beautiful oboe melody, will enrapture the viewer with the grandeur of the events and sights shown, and may well be the best music for a major screen presentation in years.

    Stirring combinations of story, sight and sound create a memorable experience. The diversity of film genres portends a sizable potential audience encompassing virtually all market segments. Even a brief review reveals that the story of the Bab is commensurate to the task.

    It had to happen somewhere.
    Then it did ... in Iran.
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