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Welcome to Mu Iota Upsilon website! You must be asking who exactly are the sisters of Mu Iota Upsilon Sorority? To put it simply, we are an organization of females brimming with complete uniqueness, forever trying to improve together as well as indivuals. Each sister is incomparable, together we are unstoppable.
We have asked for strength...We were given difficulties to make us strong. We have asked for wisdom...We were given problems to solve. We have asked for courage...We were given danger to overcome. We have asked for love...We were given troubled people to help. We received nothing we wanted. We received everything we needed. Through this we have emerged as the sisters of Mu Iota Upsilon
Mu Iota Upsilon was founded by three distinguished and determined women at the State University of New York at Delhi College on May 2nd 1999. As Indigenous women wanting to improve their community they came together as one, enhancing their respect of the earth, and ever-increasing diversity within their community. In their quest to facilitate unity they gained sisterhood. Though this, we have emerged as the sisters of Mu Iota Upsilon.

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