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About Us About us

Loveablepet: (lovablepet2007)
Title - Supreme Ruler
Job - Guild Owner
Contact - loveablepet2007 [neomail], [?] [e-mail] [?] [Instant messangers]
Nickname - [?]
About Lovablepet/Fun Facts - Sane? Definitally not. Lazy? Frequently. In love with a cartoon character? Undoubtably. She's insane. She likes to experiment on innocent little petpets (especially when explosions are involved) She is currently working on perfecting her evil laugh.

Starchild: (Starchild77)
Title - The Great Metre Stick (Of DOOM!)
Job - General Handy-Person/Banana & Temp Graphics Design (Until we get a better/nother person to do it)
Contact - starchild77 [neomail], [e-mail / MSN messenger], TheAmazingBanana [AOL IM], DOES have ICQ, but never uses it, neomail if you need to chat through ICQ.
Nickname - The Amazing Banana (TAB for short)
About Starchild/Fun Facts - She's too lazy to write a bio of herself right now. Blah.

Rosethorn: (rosethorn20_2)
Title - Queen of Crazy
Job - Layout and Design
Contact - rosethorn20_2 [neomail], [?] [e-mail], [?] [Instant Messangers]
Nickname - [?]
About Rosethorn/Fun Facts - Well I am crazy,MUAHAHAHA! But more importantly this is my 14th guild, I used to hop like crazy, *bounce, bounce, bounce*. And finally strange things happen around me.

Icy girl (icy_girl12)
Title - Moon cheese
Job - Graphics design, Backgrounds and Stuff
Contact - icy_girl12 [neomail], [e-mail], MSN messenger: see e-mail [Instant Messangers]
Nickname - Annoyance (sometimes!),Drawie Girl(at school)
About Icy girl/Fun Facts - I am obsessed(see userlookup for more info), but I also enjoy mad, crazy and sometimes stupid & useless experiments, Sometimes I have boring and useless ideas, other times I just go on & on & on &on.......

Cutie: (cutie_with_a_bootie)
Title - Devious Divisor
Job - General Peace-Keeping
Contact - cutie_with_a_bootie [neomail], [e-mail], [?] [Instant Messangers]
Nickname - DuMb BlOnDe
About Cutie With a Bootie/Fun Facts - Iím absolutley totally crazy an ex guild hopper halds unnesscary grudges and makes strange things happen around rosethorn and if your not careful, youll be next MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Ah, so you've found the secret message, have you? All right, it kinda wasn't too well hidden, but still, don't tell me that, you don't want to hurt my feelings! (As well as making me feel inatiquite about my HTML abilities...) SO, congradulations! If you neomail me (starchild77), saying you found the hidden message and want your prize, I'll give you... well, a prize! (There's a special prize for the first person to find this message!)