Soul3dj22 (5:23:56 PM): hey
EIzzy22 (5:24:02 PM): how was new york?
Soul3dj22 (5:24:15 PM)
: it was cool
EIzzy22 (5:24:23 PM): did you see ground zero?
Soul3dj22 (5:24:44 PM)
: yeah, but there's nothing to see
EIzzy22 (5:24:57 PM): except a bunch of rubble
Soul3dj22 (5:25:21 PM)
: it's just a big hole now
EIzzy22 (5:25:32 PM): that's kind of sad
Soul3dj22 (5:25:58 PM)
: not as sad as having to pay 6 bucks to get on the platform because you can't see anything anywhere else
Soul3dj22 (5:26:04 PM): so we decided to leave
EIzzy22 (5:26:07 PM): that is pretty bad
EIzzy22 (5:26:11 PM)
: was the concert good?
Soul3dj22 (5:26:25 PM)
: yeah, she was great
Soul3dj22 (5:26:36 PM): we saw this awesome play thingy too
EIzzy22 (5:26:59 PM): St. Tammany has been hopping
EIzzy22 (5:27:05 PM)
: which play?
Soul3dj22 (5:27:29 PM)
: the blue man group
EIzzy22 (5:27:41 PM): i like them
Soul3dj22 (5:27:48 PM)
: you've seen them?
EIzzy22 (5:27:53 PM): on the ibm commercials
Soul3dj22 (5:28:02 PM)
: oh yeah
Soul3dj22 (5:28:08 PM): they're hilarious
EIzzy22 (5:28:11 PM): yes
EIzzy22 (5:30:26 PM)
: was the city very bush
EIzzy22 (5:30:29 PM)
: *busy
Soul3dj22 (5:30:36 PM)
: as always
EIzzy22 (5:30:46 PM): I've never been there
EIzzy22 (5:32:33 PM)
: maybe for college
Soul3dj22 (5:32:59 PM)
: yeah
EIzzy22 (5:34:50 PM): so what is your paper on
Soul3dj22 (5:35:27 PM)
: um... oh yeah, censorship
EIzzy22 (5:35:38 PM): how did you pick that one?
Soul3dj22 (5:36:07 PM)
: at random
EIzzy22 (5:36:37 PM): the best
Soul3dj22 (5:37:14 PM)
: yeah
EIzzy22 (5:37:32 PM): is it interesting though?
Soul3dj22 (5:37:35 PM)
: I wanted to do civil libertiy losses in general, but that was kinda tough
EIzzy22 (5:37:53 PM): I bet
Soul3dj22 (5:37:58 PM)
: ah, not really
Soul3dj22 (5:38:04 PM): but it could be worse I guess
EIzzy22 (5:38:12 PM): It always could be
EIzzy22 (5:40:51 PM)
: I would really prefer not to write the paper though.
Soul3dj22 (5:41:10 PM)
: amen to that.
EIzzy22 (5:41:31 PM): I brought 19 books from watson home
Soul3dj22 (5:41:38 PM)
: geesh
EIzzy22 (5:42:02 PM): it was hell on the trip down the caddo stairs, and now my very small room is overflowing with them
Soul3dj22 (5:42:12 PM)
: haha
EIzzy22 (5:42:28 PM): and i read all of them, or at least skimmed
Soul3dj22 (5:43:24 PM)
: nice.
EIzzy22 (5:43:37 PM): How many books did you find
Soul3dj22 (5:44:05 PM)
: 12
EIzzy22 (5:44:23 PM): that's a healthy number
Soul3dj22 (5:44:44 PM)
: as in, greater than or equal to 10
EIzzy22 (5:44:58 PM): I guess so
EIzzy22 (5:46:14 PM)
: i don't particularly like fountain that much, do you?
EIzzy22 (5:46:24 PM)
: I mean, he's great, but I liked Feske
Soul3dj22 (5:46:46 PM)
: fountain sucks
EIzzy22 (5:47:01 PM): I'm glad you agree
Soul3dj22 (5:47:29 PM)
: finley and feske are insightful and funny and interesting, from what I hear
Soul3dj22 (5:47:57 PM): fountain just tells us how hollywood makes bad historical films, and then it's back to the causes of this war... and the effects of this war... and black people.
EIzzy22 (5:48:02 PM): yes
EIzzy22 (5:48:12 PM)
: And I don't like the whole outline deal.
EIzzy22 (5:49:06 PM)
: It makes the class even worse.
Soul3dj22 (5:50:31 PM)
: it lets you know when he's going to stop talking
EIzzy22 (5:51:02 PM): yeah, but I don't like that
Soul3dj22 (5:51:17 PM)
: and it does help me organize... although I don't understand the people who write down the whole outline at the start of class, it doesn't leave much room for writing down actual information
EIzzy22 (5:51:33 PM): It all works.
EIzzy22 (5:51:47 PM)
: I write it on the back of the previous page, and then only take notes on the fronts.
Soul3dj22 (5:52:45 PM)
: I see...
EIzzy22 (5:53:08 PM): I have an entire notebook for this semester.
EIzzy22 (5:54:13 PM)
: But you probably think me a paperwaster
Soul3dj22 (5:55:22 PM)
: yeah... fountain's tests are pretty hit-or-miss
EIzzy22 (5:55:32 PM): Did you do bad on the first one?
Soul3dj22 (5:55:55 PM)
: this semester, yeah
Soul3dj22 (5:56:14 PM): I got all A's and one B last semester... this time, the first one I got a 73
EIzzy22 (5:56:20 PM): That's upsetting.
Soul3dj22 (5:56:29 PM)
: yeah
EIzzy22 (5:56:31 PM): Did the tests change?
Soul3dj22 (5:56:47 PM)
: no... he just didn't like my essay
EIzzy22 (5:57:09 PM): that's all he took off for?
Soul3dj22 (5:57:49 PM)
: I completely blew one of the ID's, too
Soul3dj22 (5:58:00 PM): but the essay hurt
EIzzy22 (5:58:14 PM): Yeah, I didn't connect well enough with my essay.
Soul3dj22 (5:58:33 PM)
: heh, yeah, same here
EIzzy22 (5:58:45 PM): Did he take off 16 or 11 points/
Soul3dj22 (5:58:54 PM)
: don't remember... probably 16
EIzzy22 (5:59:13 PM): I don't like how he picks those numbers for taking points off.
Soul3dj22 (5:59:22 PM)
: possible even more
EIzzy22 (5:59:40 PM): Yuck
Soul3dj22 (5:59:48 PM)
: hehe
EIzzy22 (6:00:05 PM): Time to start on the next test
Soul3dj22 (6:00:24 PM)
: ungh...
EIzzy22 (6:00:43 PM): I also brought Tindall home
Soul3dj22 (6:00:55 PM)
: aiiee
EIzzy22 (6:01:11 PM): but I haven't read it yet; 5 or so chapters
Soul3dj22 (6:01:38 PM)
: I've never read that much tindall
EIzzy22 (6:01:47 PM): I always try to read it all.
EIzzy22 (6:01:55 PM)
: Last tests
EIzzy22 (6:02:05 PM)
: we had a study group till about 2
EIzzy22 (6:02:47 PM)
: I'll try to read a few chapters next Sunday in between work service and swimming.
EIzzy22 (6:03:13 PM)
: It can be a good read though
Soul3dj22 (6:03:36 PM)
: good call.
EIzzy22 (6:03:54 PM): I want to get an A on the next test
Soul3dj22 (6:04:13 PM)
: yeah, world war II and vietnam are cool
EIzzy22 (6:04:26 PM): I don't think the test will cover that.
Soul3dj22 (6:05:03 PM)
: no, that's the only part of tindall that I found to be a good read
EIzzy22 (6:05:23 PM): Oh. It probably moved fairly quickly in that part.
Soul3dj22 (6:06:20 PM)
: yeah
EIzzy22 (6:06:36 PM): I haven't gotten that far yet.
Soul3dj22 (6:07:53 PM)
: oh, well that's about all I've read in tindall
EIzzy22 (6:10:29 PM): are you going to take the war courses next year?
Soul3dj22 (6:10:37 PM)
: dunno
Soul3dj22 (6:10:45 PM): oh yeah... I need to look at that course book thing.
EIzzy22 (6:12:39 PM): I have to decide what physics to take.
EIzzy22 (6:13:41 PM)
: Everything depends on that, since I have 2 other courses that are only offered at one time.
Soul3dj22 (6:14:02 PM)
: of course
EIzzy22 (6:14:16 PM): which are you going to take?
Soul3dj22 (6:15:53 PM)
: which physics?
EIzzy22 (6:15:58 PM): yeah
Soul3dj22 (6:16:14 PM)
: dunno
Soul3dj22 (6:16:19 PM): probably general
EIzzy22 (6:16:44 PM): My father keeps telling me how interesting physics was.
Soul3dj22 (6:16:44 PM)
: I hear hynes' AP really sucks
EIzzy22 (6:16:54 PM): Yeah, I don't want hynes for anything.
EIzzy22 (6:18:52 PM)
: But I'm afraid physcal would be too difficult
Soul3dj22 (6:19:26 PM)
: yeah
Soul3dj22 (6:19:28 PM): supposedly it doesn't stand out on your transcript either
EIzzy22 (6:19:45 PM): Nice touch.
EIzzy22 (6:20:12 PM)
: Just like distinction.
Soul3dj22 (6:20:20 PM)
: hehe, yeah
EIzzy22 (6:20:36 PM): Are you doing one?
Soul3dj22 (6:20:41 PM)
: nope
Soul3dj22 (6:20:53 PM): I was considering it for a while
EIzzy22 (6:20:57 PM): in history?
Soul3dj22 (6:21:04 PM)
: no, computer science
EIzzy22 (6:21:09 PM): You should have.
EIzzy22 (6:21:23 PM)
: You would have done a much better one than say, Heath
Soul3dj22 (6:21:30 PM)
: couldn't come up with a decent topic, plus it forces you to take a bunch of stupid classes
EIzzy22 (6:21:45 PM): Aren't you probably take then anyway?
EIzzy22 (6:22:02 PM)
: You only need 1.5 to 2.5 extra over grad. requirements.
Soul3dj22 (6:22:04 PM)
: not computer graphics
EIzzy22 (6:22:17 PM): Oh
Soul3dj22 (6:22:21 PM)
: it's too late now anyway
EIzzy22 (6:22:34 PM): I know, I turned mine in the last day.
EIzzy22 (6:24:12 PM)
: I hope that I can finish it though.
Soul3dj22 (6:24:21 PM)
: yeah
Soul3dj22 (6:24:26 PM): anyway, I have to go eat
EIzzy22 (6:24:36 PM): ok
Soul3dj22 (6:24:38 PM)
: cyas
EIzzy22 (6:24:41 PM): bye
Soul3dj22 signed off at 6:24:47 PM