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Or, perhaps a better title would be "The People That I Am in Love With." These are my most favorite actors and actresses. There certainly are more excellent actors in the business, but these are the guys (and girl) that I really love. To be in this category, the actor/actress must be not only attractive (okay, hot!), but have demonstrated outstanding acting abilities. I love these guys because they seem to have the brains, beauty, and talent.


Brad Pitt: There are not too many people who don't like Brad Pitt. But he is more than a pretty face, I truely think he is a great actor! I mean, Seven, Fight Club, Spy Game, The Mexican, Oceans Eleven, Sleepers (just to name a few), these are awesome movies! The man is truely blessed to have a brilliant acting ability and be so sexy at the same time.

A little info: His full name is William Bradley Pitt, born on December 18, 1963, from Shawnee, OK, graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia, he's 6' 0" and weighs 203 lbs.

Find out more Brad Pitt Info (with tons of pics)

David Duchovny: Brains and beauty. It is said to be hard to find in a woman, but (stretching the term beauty to be socially acceptable), I think it is hard to find in a man as well. But hey, then David Duchovny was born. Wow. I do have to thank Chris Carter for introducing me to this man.

Info on David: His full name is David William Duchovny, born on September 7, 1960 in New York, NY, educated at both Princeton and Yale, he is 6' tall and weighs 212 lbs.

See my X-Files Pages for more information about David.

Ryan Stiles: The man is an improv genuis at the very least. Everyone tells me that I must be crazy, but I love this man! Sure, Brad Pitt is hot, but Ryan is the one I would marry! He's tall and hilarious (what more do you need?). It would be so fun! And I love the bold shirts and funky shoes he wears on "Who's Line Is It Anyway." That's character.

And in case you care to know: Ryan was born Ryan Lee Stiles on April 22, 1959 in Seattle, Washington (but moved to Richmond, British Columbia when he was 10), he is 6'6 tall, wears size 15 shoes and splits his time living between Custer, WA and Sherman Oaks, CA.

Find out more about Ryan at His Unofficial Home .


Julia Roberts: I love Julia as much as I could possibly love another woman (being heterosexual and all). It is more of an "I want to be her" thing, really. She's perfect. Besides being beautiful, she makes great movies, too! Erin Brochovich, Pretty Woman, American's Sweethearts (just to name a few) are all fantastic. And The Mexican with her and Brad Together was just heavenly!

If you care to know: Her full name is Julia Fiona Roberts, born on October 28, 1967, hometown is Smyrna, GA, she has a high school education, is 5' 9" and weighs 121 lbs.

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