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Welcome to the Temple of Isis, Star of Sirius.

This site is dedicated to the Temple of Isis, Star of Sirius which is a multi-religious, international organization dedicated to honoring the Goddess in Her many forms. The Temple is an active coven in the local Phoenix area and is a home-study and modern-day mystery school within The Fellowship of Isis and the Temple of Isis. We offer a complete range of certified correspondence courses for personal body, mind and spiritual growth and Priestess/Priesthood training. As the Temple of Isis, Star of Sirius honors the Goddess of Ten-Thousand Names, we honor all pantheons and Goddesses equally. Members from all spiritual traditions are warmly invited to join.

The purpose of the Temple is to provide guidance to potential members of the priestess/priesthood training and helping them realize and fulfill their individual vocations of service to Isis. All are encouraged to assimilate and adapt this knowledge to the belief system and magical tradition they currently follow. If one is not currently following a specific path we help the individual explore the various paths, hoping they will find the path that is meant for them.

We hold a deep commitment to our members, and strive to reflect the principles of Love, Beauty, Honor, and Truth in all our endeavors.

The name Temple of Isis, Star of Sirius proclaims Isis as the patron deity of this Temple.  Isis is highly protective, especially those dedicated to her.  She is entirely selfless and is the True Mother.  She is the goddess that has been worshipped throughout the centuries by various names and attributes have been given to her.  The Star of Sirius was chosen for a variety of reasons.  The ancient Egyptians worshipped this star and even set their temples to the rising of it.  There is even a myth that Isis came from this star system, bringing with her vast amounts of knowledge which she shared.   Where that knowledge went, is anyone's guess, we are dedicated to reestablishing our contact with the goddess and through that union relearning what has been lost.   Then Temple is dedicated to spreading the religion of the Goddesses throughout the planet.  The Gods are also venerated. The goddess is seem as the Divine Mother of all beings, as well as the the embodiments of Truth, Love and Beauty.

Please enter the Temple to learn more about us and what we have to offer the universe.

Welcome to the Temple of Isis, Star of Sirius!!!


Priestess Hierophant and High Priestess

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