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by Frater Inominandum


During a recent discussion at Thelesis Camp the question was raised "Why shouldn't I invoke Superman instead of Jupiter or another construct? I have much more experience with fantasy movies and comics than I do with traditional mythology, so why don't I work with them instead?  They are all archetypes, right?"


This is my answer to that question.


It is a popular movement in Chaos Magick to do just this sort of thing. I will certainly admit that superheroes, movie monsters, and the cast of Star Trek are archetypal in nature; the same archetypes that are dealt with in traditional pantheons.  You may have dreams and fantasies about these characters or perhaps something about these characters fills some part in your psyche. 


The question to be asked here is whether Magick is simply psychology or is it something more?  Is it all in your head or are you just using your psyche to make the connection? My experience has shown me that on one level the whole universe, samsara, is a mind emanation. However this is not the mind of only you or I or any other single person. It is an emanation of awareness itself and with this view all phenomena, including gods and what not, are mind emanated. But so are you, and the chair you're sitting in, and the walls that surround you. If you can realize this truth to the point where you can pass through a wall because its an illusion, then you are ready to look at all spirits and deities as being mental constructs.  I also would like to study under you for the rest of my life, so give me a call.


If you aren't at this exalted level you must deal with spirits as real beings. To do otherwise is futile. Even if you are convinced that it's all in your head and that Set is no more real than  Superman, you will lack the requisite mental state to make a successful connection.  You must hold the object of evocation as being sacred and powerful. You may think that Superman is powerful, but is he sacred? Is he sacred the way that a goddess is sacred?  Can you be caught up in his rapture like Nuit? Do you really look upon it with awe? These are the things that separate spiritual beings from fantasy.


Also, don't bet that deity you are about to invoke doesn't exist independently of the human race. They may surprise you. You may not exist independently of them. Keep a truly open mind when doing invocations and evocations.  Do not set limits in your mind just because it suits your view of reality or your human arrogance. A saying we have in the Chthonic Auranian Order: “There's nothing like getting a kick in the ass from something that you didn't think existed”