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I have been an expatriate Antipodean for more than 20 years now and have lived in several countries. Currently I am living in Australia. Wherever I am though, I am always a Kiwi (New Zealand born) and proud of it. I have lived in Australia a few times (Melbourne and Perth), Singapore twice, Hong Kong, a short time in Hawaii. Living in different countries has certainly given me the opportunities to explore the regions that surround them. Asia is most certainly my passion and I feel a certain affinity with the culture. My most awesome and memorable moments were standing on the Great Wall and seeing the vastness of that rambling wall stretch out before me, realising how many years and hands it took to build, the history that clings to it and just how far it spans. Of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the magnificence of the architecture that was covered for so many years by jungle before it was rediscovered, imagining the enormous civilisation that once lived there.

Each new city and country have been a new eye opener, a new learning experience and a new appreciation, much more than you will ever get from media or text books because of the chance to 'feel' the country, be absorbed in the smells, the sounds and the atmosphere.

My love of travelling comes from my father who was born and raised in India and travelled quite extensively himself. My passion for Asia also must stem from his side of the family with my Grandfather and Great-Grandfather both being born in Burma. One of my grandmothers was born on an island off the coast of Africa (St Helena) and moved to India to be Governess to one of the Maharaja's. Descendants on my mothers side have emanated from Spain, France and Italy although little is known of that history. It takes quite a few generations to get back to English soil.

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