马尔萨斯人口论 Malthusian Theory of Population; Malthusianism (Thomas Robert Malthus, 1766-1834, British economist)
马拉松式竞选活动 campaignathon
马路菜场入室工程 the project to build indoor free market to accommodate street vegetable vendors
马太效应 "the Matthew effect (A phenomenon in specific circles whereby one's accomplishments and reputation tend to snowball, and those with meager accomplishments have greater difficulty achieving accomplishments. ) "
玛雅文化 Mayan civilization
买方市场 buyer's market
麦克马洪线 McMahon Line
买壳上市 go public through buying a shell
买空卖空 bulls and bears; fictitious transaction
买一送一 "two-for-one offer, buy one get one free"
慢性萧条 chronic depression 
满意度 degree of satisfaction
盲流和倒流人员 transient from the countryside
盲目投资 blindness in investment
冒充包装(销售)[指将劣质商品包装成外观像名优产品出售的做法] copycat packaging
矛盾的普遍性 universality of contradictions
茅塞顿开 be suddenly enlightened
贸易壁垒 trade protectionism
贸易和投资自由化和便利化 TILF (Trade and Investment Liberalization and Facilitation)
贸易逆差 adverse balance of trade; trade deficit
贸易顺差 favorable balance; trade surplus
贸易与发展委员会 Committee on Trade and Development
贸易自由化 trade liberalization
帽子戏法 hat trick
每逢佳节倍思亲 On festive occasions more than ever one thinks of one's dear ones far away./ It is on the festival occasions when one misses his dear most.
美国之音 Voice of America (VOA)
美声唱法 bel canto
美食节 gourmet festival
门户开放政策 open-door policy
门户网站 portals
门前三包 "be responsible for general sanitation, green covering and keeping good social order in a designated area outside the unit building "
蒙古包 (Mongolian) yurt
蒙古大夫 quack
朦胧诗 misty poetry
孟子 Mencius
迷彩服 battle fatigues; camouflage coat
米袋子省长负责制 provincial governors assuming responsibility fofr the rice bag (grain supply)
免费搭车者(享受其他国家最惠国待遇而不进行相应减让的国家) free-rider
免税商品 tax-free commodities
面向21世纪的中美建设性伙伴关系 a constructive, strategic partnership between China and the United Stated aimed at the next century
免验放行 pass without examination (P.W.E)
灭绝的物种 extinct species
民办教师 citizen-managed teachers (teachers in rural citizen-managed or state-managed schools who do not receive the normal remuneration from the government)
民法通则 general provisions of the civil law
民工潮 farmers' frenzied hunt for work in cities
民间资本 private capital
民进党 Democratic Progressive Party
民事诉讼 civil procedure
民以食为天 people regard food as their prime want; food the first necessity of man
民营企业 individually-run enterprises
民主党派、工商联与无党派人士 "non-Communist parties, federations of industry and commerce, personages without party affiliation "
民主集中制 democratic centralism
民主监督 democratic supervision
民族凝聚力 national cohesion
民族区域自治 regional autonomy of ethnic minorities
民族委员会 ethnic affairs commission
民族文化大省 a province with rich ethnic culture
民族意识 national consciousness
民族优越感 ethnocentrism
名利双收 gain in both fame and wealth
明明白白消费(2000年保护消费者权益工作主题) transparent consumption
名优 famous actor; famous high quality brand
模糊逻辑 fuzzy logic
模糊战略(美国在台湾问题上奉行的政策) indistinct strategy
摩门教 Mormon Church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
模拟测试 mock test; simulated exam
莫失良机 make hay while the sun shines
磨洋工 dawdle along
谋事在人,成事在天 "The planning lies with man, the outcome with Heaven. / Man proposes, God disposes. "
目标管理 management by objectives
目标管理 management by objectives; quota management
· 幕后操纵 pull strings behind the scenes; wire-pulling
睦邻友好关系(合作) good-neighborly and friendly relations (cooperation)
穆斯林 Muslim; Moslem
母系氏族社会 matriarchal clan society