海关完税价值 customs value
海量存储 mass memory
海市蜃楼,镜花水月,无稽之谈 a mare’s nest
海湾战争综合症 the complexities of the Gulf War
海峡交流基金会(海基会) Strait Exchange Foundation of (Taiwan, China)(SEF)
海协会 (ARATS) Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait
旱地滑雪场 mock skiing park
函授大学 correspondence university
汉字处理软件 Chinese character processing software
航母 aircraft carrier
航向错误,奉行错误方向 on the wrong tack
好出风头的运动员 "exhibitionist, grandstander "
豪赌 unrestrained gambling
好莱坞大片 Hollywood blockbuster
好了伤疤忘了疼 once on shore, one prays no more
好球 " ""Strike"""
好事不出门,恶事传千里 "Good news never goes beyond the gate, while bad news spread far and wide. "
河道整治 dredging waterway
和服 Kimono
核军火库 nuclear arsenal
合理引导消费 guide rational consumption
合理引导消费 guide rational consumption
和平演变 peaceful evolution
核武器数量 Nuclear Arsenal Size
核销 cancel after verification
合业经营 combined operation/ management
合议庭 collegiate bench
黑店 gangster inn
黑客 hacker
黑社会 Mafia-style organizations; gangland
红包 "(neutral)red paper containing money as a gift, (derogative) bribe, kickback "
红筹股 red chips
红股 bonus share
宏观调控 macro-control
《红楼梦》 A Dream in Red Mansions (The Story of the Stone)
红帽子企业 red cap enterprise (refers to the reputation a private enterprise enjoys by becoming attached to a government department and doing business in the name of a state-run or collective-run enterprise)
鸿门宴 Hongmen banquet--a feast or meeting set up as a trap for the invited
红细胞生成素 Erythropoietin (EPO)
后防空虚 leave the defense exposed
后台管理 back-stage management
互动广告 interactive advertisement
虎父无犬子 A wise goose never lays a tame egg.
户口簿 residence booklet
户口管理制度 "domicile system, residence registration system "
呼啦圈 hu la hoop
护身法宝 amulet
户主 head of a household
胡子工程 long-drawn-out project (a project which takes so long that young workers become bearded)
滑板车 scooter
华表 ornamental column/cloud pillar/stele
华盖 canopy
花旗银行 National City Bank of New York
花样游泳 water ballet
坏球 Ball
坏帐 bad account
环保型技术 EST(Environmentally-sound technology)
换届选举 election at expiration of office terms
换手率 turnover rate
还俗 "resume secular life, unfrock"
环太平洋地区 Pacific Rim
黄、赌、毒 "pornography, gambling and drug abuse and trafficking "
(北爱尔兰)皇家警察部队 Royal Ulster Constabulary
黄金时段 prime time
(吃)皇粮 "public grainfunds, goods, etc provided by the government; salary paid by the state "
(农产品国内支持)"黄箱"措施 Amber Box measures
挥棒 swing
挥棒不中 fan
汇丰银行 Hong Kong and Shang Hai Banking Corporation
灰色区域措施 Grey area measures
灰色收入 gray income
混合型卷烟 blended type cigarette
婚介所 matrimonial agency
婚外恋 extramarital love
混业经营 mixed operation/ management
货币化 monetization
货币回笼 withdrawal of currency from circulation
货币留成制度 currency retention scheme
货到付款 cash on delivery
活到老,学到老 One is never too old to learn.
火炬计划 Torch Program (a plan to develop new and high technology)